Sunday, May 15, 2016

Should we avoid western goods and clothing and adopt our nation’s assets only?

Well this statement was used by Mahatma Gandhi in the swadeshi moment and it was a powerful attempt to boycott the British who were ruling India mercilessly. The most amazing quality of this statement was that it really worked and it made a big difference in the income loss of British when they were actually trying to rob India. Today things are different but still the impact of this statement is deep enough that it can really transform the things drastically. Although every country wants to raise their exports and minimize their imports as exports creates foreign currency which benefits the nation in development more rapidly but the most ignored fact is that every country has different needs and demands which depend on their development scale.

A developing nation needs more foreign goods than a developed nation and the reason behind this is technology. The developing nations cannot invest their limited money on research and development and so it becomes very necessary to import technology and advanced goods for the betterment of the nation. You cannot grind the floor manually in the era of wheat grinding machines as if you will still use the obsolete technology you will end up being too slow in the race of progress and development.
The gurus who advocate the swadeshi concept in a free nation are stupid as they don’t have any knowledge about economic development and urbanization. 

The funniest thing to notice is that they link this political statement of swadeshi moment with spirituality and portray it as god’s verdict. The main reason for saying this statement is shocking. Frankly speaking, it is the new business strategies many gurus are using who are entering in the entrepreneur world. They are trying to compete with international brands and as the international brands are more efficient and old; people don’t trust their own nations brand easily today so the political and religious statement works here which is a false attempt to invoke the feeling of patriotism and spirituality for money making.

More over this statement (Avoid western goods and clothing and adopt your nation’s assets only) does not have any spiritual connection at all and wearing ones nation cloth does not make you a better person or close to god but still without any failure the gurus are doing their best to run their manufactured products in the market by defaming the international brands and their making. 

Things become severe when the old and trusted foreign brands face unwanted bans and restrictions especially after a long serving period. This is basically done to introduce any particular brand of the gurus which they are trying to sell in the market.
The gurus also get huge loans and tax benefits and sometimes no tax at all as their job is considered spiritual meant for public welfare. 

In reality it’s all business, some use god’s name to sell you some scheme and some use the pictures of gods to sell you some product. You must have seen things like butter or sarong or any other food item labelled in god’s name. Almost all food items are today stated under god’s name with gods picture on the cover of the product in which god is shown using that product like in case of butter. It is such a funny attempt which works on the psychology of people. It has been seen that things which are categorized and branded under god’s name tend to get more sales than any other product and the reason behind that is psychological fear of god which compels people to trust the product even if the product is highly adulterated.

Moreover food is generally considered to be an ultimate paradise which is given to us by the god. Almost every religion believes that god is feeding us and when the product itself speaks the god name with god identity one cannot deny to buy.

Goods such as clothes or electronic things or any other technologically based item needs to be imported as foreign goods posses’ better advancement and up gradation. One can import some pieces and can purchase the technology and manufacture the same in their own country.  Boycotting anything imported by the guru’s verdict is seriously a biased and racist attempt which is done openly by many gurus.

Using western and imported assets does not make you less spiritual in anyway nor it will make you an atheist but will surely increase your level of understanding and broad minded aspect. The gurus know that the more the people will be accessing the foreign technology the more they will discard the old superstition and as the superstition comes to end; their religious markets will shut down. The more the fear of god, the more the chances of income of the gurus as we all know fear creates surrendering and that’s what these gurus want.

So it is proved that god is used in today in every possible sense, it’s upon you how you listen to the things which are not shown to you but exist.

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