Sunday, April 10, 2016

Is media really in favor of homosexuals in India?

Indian media is a mirror of Indian life and Indian politics. People may not watch their favorite movie but they certainly watch news channels. Everything is shown bigger and bold in graphics by every media channel and generally red color is considered auspicious and catchy in order to get more views and attention. Most of the media channels are either influenced by some political party or by any big business group. They show what they are ordered to show and they do what their bosses say. There is no sense of patriotism or realism behind this but money and elections are greatly behind the whole game. Most of the media channels dance on the tunes of politicians which can be easily noticed in every day news segment.

Talking about homosexuality, most of the media channels raise the topic of debate only when some decision regarding homosexuals is given either by court or by government. On rest of the working days or you can say whole year is wasted only and only on politicians and celebrities. Media has time to sing the songs of victory of politicians and celebrities but certainly do not have time to show the sensitive issues pending in the country. Homosexuality is one of the most sensitive issue which is neglected since we have got independence. There is no one to question the faulty law of British  made in 1860 in India against homosexuals.

Even the news about homosexuality is shown in a dramatic manner where the end result and the closing lines are given by the homophobic people who are invited in the debate. Generally after any new decision or guideline regarding homosexuals debates are shown by media channels which constitute some group of homophobic people belonging to different religions and only one or two homosexuals for defense. The homophobic people are given wider coverage and more time to speak in debate and their controversial negative allegations are shown again and again to increase the TRP(television rating point) of the channel.

Media channels have all the information and facts regarding homosexuality but none is shown on the channel. There is not a single media house that has ever shown the scientific developments and facts regarding homosexuality happening in the world. Internet is flooded with facts and scientific evidences in terms of homosexuality and these facts can easily be shown on news channels but there is no reporter or media entity that has guts to do the same. Although internet is very popular source of information and it is very easy to access the same but again there are still millions out there who are dependent on television for news and entertainment. From evidences in Hindu mythology to gay gene study to homosexuality evidences in more than 1500 animal species to scientific evidences which prove homophobic people are insane, none of the study has ever been shown on television. These scientific evidences are enough which proves that homosexuality is natural and is a part of society and regular broadcasting of these proofs will wash out the misconceptions of the straight community in India But instead of the truth baseless allegations of homophobic people have always been shown in limelight by the same media channels.

 Has any media channel ever asked to the homophobic people to give the proof or evidence of their hollow allegations and reviews? No homophobic person has ever been questioned or objected for their negative remarks and superstitious claims instead they have always been promoted as the authorized leader of some or the other religion or custom. This partiality of Indian media clearly shows that media is seriously not in favor of homosexuals but is just doing a duty or you can say a fake drama of sympathy and equality. It is the responsibility of media to show reality as their one wrong action will affect the ideology of millions of Indians in a single watch but again we always forget that this is India.

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