Sunday, April 10, 2016

How to detect a homophobic person online?

A Homophobic is a person who has phobia or you can say fear from homosexual people. It is similar to the phobia from any insect or any animal or anything else. These folks are so stupid that they have phobia from the men who don’t sleep with women. Although it’s none of their business to judge anyone likes but they tend to generate an ideology that every gay person will have horns for them.  Most of such guys would try to show the world that they are very friendly and the so called attention seeker mania provokes them to pose nude or shirtless on the social networking sites. They broadcast their gym pictures in underwear like a slut who is showing the bare skin for clients and when they get loads of comments and likes coming out of lust they get excited as well as scared. They get super thrilled to see the number of likes and comments which they didn’t deserve in reality.

 Comments coming from woman makes them hyper horny as they think that they are the only man on earth born to enjoy with woman but as soon as they see that besides woman there are other admirers too which are not woman off course they get constipation. The first thing they immediately do is blocking the comment and removing the person from friend list in order to save their so called macho virginity. They think that every gay guy wants to fuck them as if gays do not have man to fuck around.

Well gays do what these homophobic do to women who post sexy pictures on social networking sites. These homophobic can be seen active like a lusty puppy roaming around from one girls profile to other writing shit in comments to please her for sex and when the same attempt is done on them they feel so pathetic and panicked. They react so defensive as if the gay will jump into the screen and rape them right away. Just like they try to flirt with woman without knowing the status of woman, gays do admire or flirt with these homophobic freaks as they are unaware about their status too.

The only advice for serious homophobic folks is that they should only add woman in their friend list and whenever they see a man passing by online or in real world they should immediately cover their gentle body with tons of cloth but make sure don’t use the color pink as you will end up being a hypocrite.

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