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Is there really a situation of intolerance in the nation India?

In simple book words intolerance means unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differs from one's own. We have seen since history people have been raising voice against some specific ideologies. These ideologies were of the leaders who tried to change the country according to their beliefs and it’s usual that some will tolerate and some will not. The one who does not tolerate is called as intolerant. They usually express their intolerance in the shape of revolt, assault, damage, destruction and even crime. Since history there have been many situations where some group of societies were unhappy and annoyed by the decisions of the government and the leaders. They did many attempts to claim their position and to make the leaders realize that they are not the supporter of the mindset of the leader. As the time changed people started living with the fact that they cannot change everything. As the work and responsibilities increased people started becoming busier than ever. They are seeing everything and tolerating everything and doing their regular task. The effect of intolerance or the pressure of non cooperation is increasing in their hearts and that same load gets exploded on someone innocent. This is a common issue today as it is very hard to reach the decision makers and the reaction of the action is exploded on the common man.

But the thing is this is not the only reason. It has been seen that in case of any personal material damage by any third party, the affected person raises out his anger above ethics and morals. He becomes so intolerant that he even does not hesitate in taking someone’s life. A very shocking case is such like that, a family playing cricket on the terrace and the ball hit the vehicle of the man driving by and besides receiving the apology by the person, he becomes so intolerant that he gathers his friends with weapons such as hockey, stones and even sticks and beat the guy till his end. This was the most horrifying moment which should not have ended like this. The person whose vehicle was hit could have contacted the police. He could have also asked for the compensation but he switched to the most illegal way and that is punishing the person with such brutal death. The most asked question today is what made him so angry? Why he became so intolerant? Was that a really big deal?

The answer lies in the question. The fact is almost every day there are incidents like this happening on very large scale. It’s the poor media which is unfit in showing them.
The people who carry anger inside their heart generally spits out the same on the wrong people.

Secondly the attachment to the material world like property, vehicles, ornaments or any materialistic asset is so high that everything else seems small in front of it. There have been countless crimes happening everywhere and the main issue is the materialistic lust and uncontrollable attachment to it. The thing is when anybody affects our current state we become cautious. We feel it as an attack on us.
You must have seen whenever any car gets hit in the accident there is a common scenario of quarrels and fights which most of times lead to road rage crime. The term road rage is another name for intolerance. Whenever any of the materialistic assets gets affected negatively we panic, it can be a property, it can be a car, it can be ornaments and it can be anything which is a non living. The attachment to non living things is greater than living things. Many people say that it’s just a non living thing for which you are fighting but there is a logic and reason behind this.

Most of us have worked very hard and we earn these materialistic leisure’s after extreme patience, dedication and back breaking work. Once we own these things we try to maintain them for as long as we can as our hard earned money is invested in it. Whenever anyone disturbs our steady race or any asset which we have been enjoying, we feel bad.

We feel that this was the only thing which i had and this fellow took even that from me. Sometimes our asset is the one and only in our life and we don’t expect to have anything else or more than that so easily like for many people having a car is the dream and once they have it they use that one asset in their entire life .

There are also situations when people do not agree to pay the damages. Sometimes the accidents are unintentional and sometimes intentional but in both the cases the affected party demands for a good compensation and repair. In case of rejection of the same the quarrel and fight is certainly on the cards. There are very few who let go such mistakes and live with the bitter destiny of being in material loss and that too by someone else.

Mistake or accident by ourselves is ignored and forgiven very easily as
We give our self the right of judging and taking decision about our things and when that attempt is done by someone else we feel alert and intolerant.

Secondly some selfish attempts by others raise our anger to very high peak like cricket the game which is meant to be played in stadiums or parks is generally played on the streets, terrace and porch. The people ignore the surroundings which are full of buildings, glass, people, cars, electric polls and even animals. The ball usually hits the window panes and car glass leading to glass breakage, when the ball hits the people or animal it can cause brutal injury as the ball reaches with high speed and when the same ball affects the electrical polls it creates spark and electric shock. The laziness and self centered attitude provokes people to ignore these crucial Jones of the surroundings. When any such incident happens the situation of intolerance explodes out leading to crime and death.

Same case happens in case of fire crackers. At the time of celebrations or festivals people play with hazardous and dangerous crackers without taking care of the surrounding. There are uncountable cases of burns, severe damage due to fire, explodes and short circuits due to careless use of fire crackers.

Another common case of intolerance happens in case of road raze cases. The one who hits the car is responsible for the damage and the one who gets hit may not tolerate the unintentional attack. Sometimes many people attack others out of envy through these measures as it is easy to misguide and confuse the pray by the excuse of an innocent mistake. But still there are many who will not allow you to wash your hands in the name of sorry and thus crime wins in such situations.

Although, the main solution to these situations is compromise, tolerance, adjustment and forgiveness and if you cannot posses these qualities at all, the best option is police and judiciary as they can be the best judge for your loss.

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