Thursday, January 28, 2016

I wish I could be your tenant...

The over leniency towards tenants in India has given immense guts to tenants to commit corruption and crime openly. Occupying someone’s property and not vacating the same is a crime, especially in the eyes of the property owner. The landlord has right to use his property as per his need but the law does not think so. 

We are still following obsolete laws which advocate that a landlord has to give solid usage reasons to get his property back from the hands of the tenant. This absurd law may give relief to the greedy tenant but it is a discomfort able situation for the landlords in India. It is such a shame that the landlords are bound to pay a very high property tax as per current scenario but is not entitled to charge the rent according to today’s framework.

 Well this pathetic situation is faced by those landlords whose properties are encroached or occupied since many years by tenants. There are millions of properties which are under control of the tenants from more than 50 years and they have been paying small pennies in shape of rent even in current plot, although the pennies are enough to feed the landlord with one meal of burger but expecting decent value is simply like hoping for stars here. In some severe cases, the tenants don’t even pay any rent and ask for millions to vacate the property. 

This open blackmailing is known to everyone including the administration and the government but still no one has stood for the landlords till now. A landlord has to wait for almost 10 to 20 years or may be more than that to get their property vacated through law and even in that huge money is invested in shape of bribes to get the justice. 

Generally 10 years is considered the quickest time in rent cases in India. No doubt tenants have a very good life in India as the law favors them blindly. No matter how many properties they encroach and no matter how much millions they demand for vacating the property, they will always be at a better position. Soon the coming generation of landlords will think twice before renting their property as they know that being a tenant is better than being a landlord in India.

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