Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Is India a safe country for woman?

India is not at all a safe country for woman and this reality is well known to the people of India. The country may flaunt its culture and secularism to the world but in reality it is the most unsafe place for woman. India has a big scale of rape cases including gang rapes and brutal rapes and murders. No matter how much brutality the victim has faced, the law and order is criminal friendly. It has been seen that in most of the cases rapists who get capital punishment order by lower court or high court gets life imprisonment or even bail after some years of jail. The strict punishment in most of the cases has been transformed into lenient imprisonments due to political stress and vote politics.

The rape tendency is increasing and the rape crimes are establishing new numbers every day. The law and order favors criminals rather than victims. The biggest example of that can be seen in the case of juvenile rapists and murders. the juvenile rapist or murderer can be sent behind bars for only 3 years no matter how much brutal his/her crime is. The most recent case can be seen in the rape case happened on 16 December 2012 where the main culprit of brutality was juvenile but was released free after 3 years of jail. Although this incident provoked millions of people in India and this case faced a big public outrage but still the ministers and the court didn’t cared about the sentiments and severity of the situation.

The protesters were harassed and tortured on the streets by the police who were standing in support of the victim.  The insensitivity and ignorance has created a situation of intolerance among the masses and this incident clearly shows that India is not a safe country.

There are uncountable brutal rape crimes in India and millions of rape victims are still hungry for justice but again India is known for late justice and most of the time no justice. The people who are actually responsible for this are the political leaders, the police and even the law for their weakness and careless attitude.

People and their lifestyle is developing and changing and also longing for new developed laws according to the current scenario but still India is known for blindly following obsolete laws. Thousands of crores are spent uselessly and the result is zero. Besides obsolete infrastructure there is huge illiteracy and poverty rate which is also a contributing factor in crime.

The streets are not safe and even the basic amenities like street light, public bathroom, telephone booth; police headquarters are deficient in number. The urban developed cities of India have over populated uninvited illiterate guests in high majority migrating from undeveloped states and villages. These migrants are poor and mostly fall below poverty line. It has also been seen that in most of the cases the rapists caught are from poor backgrounds and are basically a migrant from other states and villages. But still the government failed to monitor the ever increasing population of migrants in the developed cities.

Things are so worse in India that it can be said that it is a situation for emergency for woman in India. The common man does not have any trust left on the political system and law. The people are self aware about the complexity and discomfort and they usually prevent themselves and the woman of their family by asking her to come early in evening and rest prefer to keep their ladies homely.

The victim gets defamation first and justice later which is the real cause of less complaints and more crimes. Most of the victims face torture from cops and lawyers and hence they face the crime and quietly live with it. This tendency has given confidence to experienced rapists to do as much rape as they can.

Besides countless rape crimes the government and the political leaders have been a very big failure in terms of woman safety in India. It is advised to prevent yourself from such crimes y self guarding and alert as trusting the government bodies seems like a joke today.In reality India is a country where a woman is neither safe inside the womb nor outside it.


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