Monday, December 21, 2015

Is India juvenile criminal friendly?

Is India juvenile criminal friendly?

It is such a horrifying situation in India and such a nightmare for the innocents who got victimized by the attack of juveniles. It’s been years and juveniles in India had been doing serious crimes like murder, rape and even the rarest of the rare crimes but they can be punished only up to 3 years of imprisonment. 

The law, the court, the ruling party and the Parties in opposition all are ignorant and insensitive towards the severity of the situation. The biggest example of the careless attitude can be easily seen in the Brutal Rape and Murder case of Nirbhaya happened on 16 December 2012. It’s been 3 years but all of the above well known powerful entities failed to pass any law or ordinance for the punishment of the juvenile rapist.

 The rape incident which was the most brutal in the history of crimes is taken lightly by the rulers of India. In this current scenario he is out in public looking for his another prey which he can destroy. The most horrifying thing is that his identity and image has been kept secret by the law which creates another uncomfortable and dangerous situation for the common people and specially girls and woman on streets. The government and political leaders are not concerned about this as their family and their life is protected by security so the affected party is common woman and girls. 

The case which provoked millions of people to come on streets has faced tragic loss as the legal system and the leaders of India has created a win win situation for the culprit juvenile. The world is watching India and specially this rape case as it was the most brutal and most disgusting but still the political leaders didn't even cared about the image of the country in front of the world. 

Today when that monster is out , whole India is crying out loud for justice but the rulers and the political giants are enjoying their golden times in their big luxuries palaces. No one is concerned about this issue and no leader has time for it. The humanity and the sensitiveness towards someones pain has been lost already. The ministers are blaming each other for this big loss and big failure. the ruling party blames the opposition and the opposition blames the current rulers. The ordinance , the law and the bill for the juvenile criminals got lost in the ego , pride and lust of both the parties and the one who was the sufferer was the victim of the gang rape and the current sufferer will be the millions woman and girls on streets. 

The most important thing to notice in this is the weakness of law. The advantage given to this brutal rapist has come into notice by millions of juveniles in India and there is some good majority of juvenile criminals who will be taking advantage of this law and will be free after a lenient imprisonment of three years. 

soon the day will come when the army of juvenile criminals and juvenile terrorists will be flaunting their riffles and guns on the streets as they all know that in India the law and leaders are juvenile criminal friendly.

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