Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Finally the crime has won...

Indian leaders have proved that India is not a country of law and order. It is such a shame that the brutal monster is carefully protected and released out freely by the court. Besides advocating the rights of that criminal, court and ministers also advocated for his reestablishment by granting aids and incentives to the culprit. It is such a disgusting law that does not acknowledge the victims pain and helps the culprit in winning the battle. It was the most horrifying case recorded in the history of crimes. 

The juvenile here whom we are taking about was a culprit in the Delhi brutal gang rape and he was one of the most brutal among the 5 rapists. The other 4 rapists have been granted with capital punishment which was given under the pressure of public outrage but still the punishment is not implemented till now and on the other hand the juvenile is freely released from jail after 3 years of tolerant imprisonment besides the fact that there was a very little difference left between his young age and adult age. The law and order was so blindly followed for this juvenile culprit that even the court didn’t feared god while giving freedom to this culprit.

The public was crying out loud as nobody has seen the picture of that juvenile and nobody knows how he looks like but still the leaders and the court didn’t felt  important to disclose his image even after knowing the fact that he has done rarest of the rare crime. The person who did not deserve life, the one who took someone’s life so brutally is granted freedom by the rulers of India with the excuse of law.

Everybody knows that how cheaply ministers play with law and order in India but in this case authorities became so law abiding that they didn’t wanted to make any single change in the law for punishing the juvenile. It clearly shows that the freedom of juvenile was important for the court and the ministers and not his imprisonment.

Even in juvenile custody it has been reported by the media that the juvenile didn’t have any single realization about his action and in fact he is ready to make new fortunes in the terrorism world. Besides knowing this dangerous fact the ministers and legal authorities didn’t felt it necessary to even consider this important.

 The incident of 16 December 2012 gave plenty of time to the government and to the ministers to take an action but still they were careless and ignorant about this. Today after another public outrage an upgraded juvenile bill has been passed. But the funniest thing to notice is that this bill was passed after the release of that culprit juvenile.

It is such an ignominy that the government failed to pass even an ordinance when he was caught. This new law does not cause any affect on that brutal juvenile as he is already released out. The most terrifying thing is that besides being an independent nation we are helpless to punish the monster that has crossed the height of barbarity.

Talking about the new amended law for juvenile the law seems weak at the start itself. It may have converted the age limit of 18 to 16 but still the punishment offered to culprits under this law is imprisonment only up to 10 years maximum which is very less for the brutal crimes like this.
People say age is just a number but in this case this number has given plenty of reliefs to the culprits who are establishing new methods of viciousness. Such culprits are a danger for the society even if they fall in the category of child.

The pain and acuteness is only felt by the common man or by the parents of the girl who died in this tragic incident. 16 December 2012 is a black day for the nation and will always be especially because of the injustice the girl has faced. Hence, the words of the nirbhaya’s mother are true and define this article very well, " Finally the crime has won".


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