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Killing humanity on the streets...

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Crime is an awful activity that usually happens in India. Although crime is a common problem in every country and there can be thousand reasons behind the crime but there are some crimes which are ignited on the spot without any reason behind. The most uncommon crimes which occur commonly are the crimes happening at street. People call it road rage but it’s much more than that. Indian towns and streets have always been messy and crowded. The country India is a developing nation where everybody wants to develop themselves more than others. But the problem behind human nature is that most of us don’t know the difference between ego and development. We often consider our ego as our identity which leads us to a state where we cannot maintain the line between our stubbornness and our foolishness.

 Generally all of us have problems in our life; the difference is the level of the problems. Our problems generate anger and pride and most of us exhibit it on the roads.  There are uncountable mistakes we do while travelling and others do who are passing by. Off course we all are humans and humans do mistake but we take ourselves for granted and take others as the biggest culprit we have encountered. There are many cases of accidents noted every day where some or the other is at fault and once our car or our vehicle get injured, we activate our anger mode to injure the person in return. This is a serious criminal tendency we are growing with. Some people believe that education plays the biggest role in this but in reality education is no where required to judge a person’s humanitarian grounds. Today people are so fed up with their lives and circumstance that they are looking for reasons to kill each other. 

Unfortunately the most common place people get for fighting is the streets and the target is innocent people walking by. It’s not that we attack anyone passing by us but if somehow we get into an awkward situation with a stranger, we don’t leave a single chance of quarrel and fight. The most important thing to consider in this is why we exhibit this anger on a stranger whom we don’t even know? Why his one mistake seems a very big mistake to us that we become insane to take revenge from the person? The depth of revenge is so deep that sometimes a normal argument becomes physical violence which ends up with death. In short, why we are killing people on the streets?

There are many factors involved in this. Although anger , pride , ego , vanity and jealousy is a common trait people carry but the percentage of all these demerits are provoked by the architecture and craftsmanship of our streets and towns. It has been seen that most serious crimes are based on the foundations of useless excuses and unwanted activities. Most common issue among this is parking. Parking of cars has been a very serious issue in India since history, besides so much awareness, the government has been a failure in constructing good towns and cities. From corporate buildings to overcrowded markets to residential sector, parking has been a big issue which have caused serious crimes including murder. People fight like stray dogs for parking and verbal attacks are a common affair which sometimes ends up with physical violence. Besides this fact government has not been able to make constructive measures to avoid this problem and in fact this issue has been increasing with every new day.

Second issue which provokes people on street is traffic. We often get trapped in huge traffic which spoils our time and patience to a great extent. Sometimes the person passing by or the person driving in front of us is slow and causes traffic and sometimes any vehicle causes traffic due to any reason. We often blame the person but in fact the one who is responsible for this is the political leaders, the government and the town planner.

The streets in India are very narrow and even if the street is wide, its most of the portion gets cropped up by unwanted trees, plants and even encroachments by people. The government and the political leaders ruling are not interested in rectifying this issue as they are hardly aware about the severity of the situation. Unlike political leaders the common man does not have any z security to protect himself so chances of accidents and miss happenings are pretty high.

The whole system of town planning is questionable as every new town causes traffic, crowd, chaos and mess.  Pedestrian pathways , the green belt , the two wheeler lane , the four wheeler lane , the zebra crossing , the speed breakers , the signals  etc... All are mixed up in a most unprofessional manner. Most of the green belt is like a jungle where some wild weeds are projected as landscaping. The trees flank outside of the green belt and are generally projecting on the streets causing traffic, inconvenience and even accidents. The pedestrian pathways get cropped up by heavy transformers, electrical polls, wild trees, encroachments by illegal shacks. People in India prefer walking on streets rather than pedestrian pathways which cause great chances of injury as Indian people have tendency of driving cars faster in the crowded towns. The trucks and buses are busy in killing people walking by as they have simple excuse of low visibility. The bikes and two wheelers have inborn jealousy and competition with four wheelers on the streets which leads to frequent accidents and injury. The 3 wheelers popularly called as auto in India are famous for creating traffic jams as they park their vehicle wherever they desire as every corner of the road is their passenger stand. The red lights have no value in India and are just a piece of jewelry for streets in most of the towns and cities.

There are unlimited factors which provokes the devil inside. Forgiveness and kindness are words just written in books but not obeyed by most of the people in India. Although government and political leaders play a major role in maintaining this chaos as it has been seen that most of the towns and cities that are already cropped up by overload of encroachments and traffic are still left untouched. No correction measures have ever been introduced by any political party. Almost every political party in India have been busy in playing the trump cards of cast and religion and since history they are busy in the same. The frustrated common man sees no option except making their own rules and own judgments to live in the jungle of India. 

The people don’t feel scared in killing or punishing others as justice can be manipulated easily in India. We cannot blame the system completely as people are equally responsible in this. There are chances where we can control our anger and ego and can let others go. Kindness and forgiveness is the greatest reward one can give to others. Today almost every vehicle is insured so crying and shouting on breaking of light or any other part is childish. Even in case of any injury in accidents by vehicles, the law and order is there to provide justice to the victim. So instead of being a judge on the road one should behave maturely and not animally.


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