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Is sex the ultimate solution for the success of any relation?

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Most of the people believe that relationships are based on emotions and sacrifice. They also believe that fulfilling the roles of perfect gender and fostering the materialistic needs are enough for the success of any marriage or relation. Good house, good food, clothing and status are considered important to work any relation. The most important and crucial key for the success or work-ability of a relation is never taken seriously and that key is sex.

Sex is the ultimate destiny of any love relationship. Best sex is certainly a guarantee to best relation as sex is the most primary need which humans long for. I have defined sex as primary need because without sex life seems like a nightmare. Our bodies are designed to have sex and in the absence of the same the mind gets irritated and life looks colorless and negative. People have always considered food and shelter as the most basic primary need and have only focused whole life towards this. Even in relationships and marriages, status and money is considered primary in selection of the match .Sex which is a very important part of life is never taken into consideration.

 There is one another important factor which parents forget while matching the horoscopes of their children and that important factor is physical attraction and liking. Physical liking and looks do matter no matter how much you ignore it. In most simple words it can be like an ice cream, you eat and like a specific taste of ice cream and no matter how much expensive the other ice cream is you don’t want it as your taste buds don’t like it. Similarly when it comes to marriage or relation or sex, physical liking and attraction are very important elements. As no attraction and no liking means unsatisfied sex or even no sex. Absence of sex creates mood swings and regular complaints and irritation as body does not feel right.

Besides providing physical satisfaction to the body sex is also a great source of relaxation and entertainment. Physical attraction provokes the sensual zones of the body resulting to better sex with regular and frequent orgasms. But if the partner is not appealing sex becomes just a duty and not an enjoyable affair.

sex has been present since the start of the journey of evolution and every creature and species of this world perform sex. the over dominance of cultures and ethics has created a very negative image of sex in people's mind. although the rate of enjoyment has not decreased at all but the quality and positive reviews of sex has been decreased .

In old times arrange marriages were conducted without the consent of the groom and bride , the liking and physical attraction were never considered important resulting to unhappy and non appealing life. Most of the old generation has lived the life of self sacrifice and patience which was not less than any prison life. There was no common topic of discussion or any quest to satisfy the partner in older times. The woman in older times devoted their life for children after procreation and the man had always been busy in working, the sex life was zero in most of the cases. In fact sex was only done for procreation which was just a duty and not a healthy way of expressing love. Although the younger generation is far more different but again is directed by the ideology of the parents. Even today people feel that sex is a bad thing to do and self expression and need for sex is considered selfish. 

It is really important for people to understand the importance of sex in life. absence of sex has created disastrous marriages and also had given rise to crimes and extramarital affairs. sometimes sex is absent because of some medical problem in one of the partners but even in these cases most of the couples feel hesitant towards taking treatment. sexual problem is still considered a big taboo in India . people consider it as a shame to be incapable in sex and male impotency is the main issue which strikes the ego of many men in India. couples who have a healthy sex life are also pressurized for procreation and if somehow they delay in procreation , society and relatives tend to question first about the health status of the bride or groom. in every manner sex is considered just a duty performed for procreation and not a basic and primary need of body. 

It is impossible to make people understand that sex is not a one time affair , it is a regular worship which needs to be done for the health and well being of couples.

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