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Why men rape in India?

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Although India has seen rapes since ages but in today’s 21’st century it is raised to a great extent where humanity and morals are squashed completely by the rapists of India and limits have been crossed to the extent that it is now one of the most horrifying nightmare a victim would have ever seen.  From sexual assaults to harassment to brutal gang rapes, things are not healthy in India any more. Millions of rape cases are pending in courts seeking justice since many years and have gotten nothing except for society’s criticism. It has been noticed that thousands of victims do not file any report to the police as the tag of a rape victim puts you in a worse position than a terrorist in India. Instead of sympathy people consider rape victim as a taboo since being raped is the most awful thing which can happen according to what Indians believe.

 Most of them even question the credibility and character of the victim. It is also seen that most of the Indians blame the victim for the rape; they believe that the sexual excess is granted by corrupt women rather than a pure and pious woman of the society. They consider men as the dog who is tempted by the sweets which is women of course (thereby blaming the woman who is the victim herself). This ideology is present among the masses in India and is deep enough to make things worse in future.

After any rape incident, many reasons/justifications are given based on the background of the victim as well as the rapist. The rapist is considered as being pressurized for the crime under the following excuses:

“He must have had lot of drinks , he might be on drugs , he must have seen pornography before the rape , he must have seen some violent movie , he must be wanting to show his dominance, woman/girl must be roaming around with some guy in short dress and thus disrespecting our culture so he must have decided to teach her a lesson, he must have been provoked by the victim , he must be hating her , he must be hating women all together ...”

Similarly, the victim is considered provocateur and is held responsible under the following excuses:
“She must be wearing short clothes, she must be out with him at night(what girl of good character roams around at night with some guy??), she must be having an affair before, she must be having sex with multiple partners, she must be a corrupt lady, she must be provoking him by wearing decolletage or sexy dresses, and she must be a call girl ..."

In most of the cases women are considered responsible in India for any rape or sexual crime. India is not less than any Islamic country where women are not allowed to have a voice or to move out for work. Instead of a black dress called as burkha or nikab, Indians have introduced saree since years which covers the whole body parts including the head and the face (purdah system still prevails in Indian culture mainly in rural areas.). A Woman is considered as an object and her roles are set by the male dominant society of India. Just like any Islamic or Muslim ideology, Indians also prefer their women to stay indoors and do household jobs only.

There is no exact answer or any valid reply to the question that why men rape in India? Men will rape if they want to; this is the only answer to this question. The human body is made to have sex and male and female are two human beings who give immense pleasure to each other when they perform intercourse or any sexual activity including penetration in the mouth or vagina or even rectum. Generally rape involves penetration either oral or vaginal or even anal. There are very few cases where the victim has been forced only for foreplay or kissing as the main source of pleasure is intercourse which is done to women and even men for sexual satisfaction.

Males are attracted to females and they look out for sexual excess for the fulfillment of sexual desire. In the Modern world, the centuries old process of selection is still present. Just like in animal species the female chooses the male according to his body stats, his color, his strength and his popularity; women in today’s world choose a man on the basis of his looks, his status, his financial strength and his physical perfection. The men who are rejected often pressurize women for sexual grant and even the chosen ones look out for other female partners for more sexual satisfaction. Sometimes the chosen partner is not appealing in sex and dissatisfaction creates provocative environment for the body and the mind.

There is no end to this as men will be seeking women for sex as they are born to have sex and women would be selecting men according to the qualities they desire. The only way to moderate or control the tendency of rape is law and order. The right framework is needed to control the rape along with change of typical mindset. The most important thing is that rapists must get exemplary punishment and that with immediate action. The women who are criticized for being raped must be accepted by the society and supported physically, legally, emotionally and even financially by the government. Steps must also be taken to make self-defense compulsory for every woman/ girl along with the availability of self-defense tools like pepper spray and stun gun.  

Majority of the rapists involved are juveniles in this awful activity but are only entitled to maximum 3 years punishment which reflects the careless attitude of government of India towards young rapists. It is also noticed that young guys and young men are much more into rape crime as hormones of the body are more active in young age and young men of India want to explore sex more than any other middle aged man.  Although a person of any age can rape but the popular majority of rapists fall under young men category in India.

On the other hand, It is also seen that many women in India con men on the basis of false sexual assault or false sexual harassment complaints including false rape complaint to fetch handsome amount of money. This business of corruption is very popular in metropolitan cities of India. The impact of this con business is so high that many police officers consider genuine complaints as fake complaints and it becomes difficult to distinguish among the genuine victim and the fake victim.

India has the largest illiterate community and in the search for work millions of illiterate people migrate to commercial cities for work and money. It has been noticed that poor and illiterate people are more into sexual crimes than educated people in India. In many gang rape cases, most of the culprits found are juvenile and uneducated. Many admit that it’s their daily routine to grab girls and women from streets and perform brutal gang rapes. They eventually kill the victim in order to be safe and this ideology is wide spread in India.

After every rape, debates and discussions are shown on news channels and different people are blamed for the incident. In all this mess the political leaders of the country are ignorant towards the issue and sadly most of them find this completely OK as they also consider the woman solely responsible for the same. There is no checking and no control over the unlimited population of illiterate poor people coming in the metropolitan cities and that is why it becomes so easy for them to commit a crime and run away back to their home towns and states where they belong to. Most of them do not have any licence and address proof or any document which proves their identity and hence it becomes impossible to catch them after crime. Moreover, the political leaders consider poor people as the main source for vote bank because they are high in majority hence they do not take their crime seriously.

India is a country where everyone has a right to do anything they want, it can be a rape or it can be any other crime. The one who tries to stop is a culprit here.

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