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What is section 377 and how it is ruining the nation India?

What is section 377 and how it is ruining the nation India?

As per the book language Section 377, IPC reads as: “377. Unnatural offences.—Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.

The section was declared unconstitutional with respect to sex between consenting adults by the High Court of Delhi on 2 July 2009. That judgement was overturned by the Supreme Court of India on 12 December 2013, with the Court holding that amending or repealing Section 377 should be a matter left to Parliament, not the judiciary.

Section 377 was a law proposed by the British in 1860 in India. According to this law two adults of same sex cannot have sex. Moreover anal sex and oral sex is considered illegal according to this law and cannot be practiced by anyone including straight people. 

Till now people of India believed that homosexuals are only punished under this law but in reality everyone is covered under this law. The most funniest part of this whole scenario is that British have removed the same law from their constitution and have legalized same sex marriages and relation in their country but India is blindly following the old obsolete law of British which was intentionally drafted for India to create disturbances and hatred in environment as Indian rich history of kamasutra and mythology supported homosexuality to a greater extent.

This law is irrelevant and obsolete in many ways. The two consulting adults cannot even have a relation or sex if they are of same orientation which is a clear violation of human rights. There is no liberty or no freedom left because of this law. In other language people can only have sex for procreation and sex cannot be done for enjoyment which is the most backward concept. It is a known fact that nobody can have sex only for procreation. Human beings are born to have sex. The sexual organs are not built only for procreation but also for enjoyment and every possible human being enjoys sex for enjoyment.

 The market is flooded with contraceptive devices and condoms to prevent pregnancy and to promote sex for enjoyment. It has been scientifically proven that sex is important for body and it is the most powerful biological need. 

The people who are against homosexuals are also a culprit and criminal as they enjoy every type of sex with their opposite sex partner. Secondly besides foreplay and vaginal intercourse, oral sex and anal sex is practiced by millions of Indians as it is a part of sex. Advocating this law makes every individual of India a criminal. It is impossible to arrest people on the basis of sex method they opt.

Is it possible to monitor the bedrooms of every Indian to see whether they are doing vaginal intercourse or anal or oral sex? Anal sex and oral sex is part of sex and it is present since the history of India, the greatest evidence of this is Kamasutra, the oldest love book of India. Instead of promoting safer sex methods India is following these awful laws which violates the life, liberty and freedom of people of India but nobody cares for it as LGBT community is considered the prime target in this. The heterosexuals who are doing anal sex and oral sex frequently believes that they will never be caught as they are married and they are having children which is enough to keep the authorities silent.

Because of section 377 the HIV/AIDS cases are not treated well and most of the homosexuals or people of lgbt community do not go for checkups or treatment as being open as homosexual will create problem for them. They also face negligence and ignorance from doctors as they do not have any recognition. This section 377 is promoting HIV/AIDS as the fear of being caught keeps homosexual community under closet and people don’t gather courage to get them tested or medicated.

The police frequently harass and exploit homosexuals for money and there is no prevention of this extortion as homosexuals love is considered a crime in India and a source of income for cops.


As gay sex is criminalized in India, millions of gays marry woman in pressure by parents and society and ruin the life of the girl. There are millions of divorce cases recorded in India and the most common reason among most of them is sex. The girl remains unconsummated as the gay husband does not feel any attraction to woman. The gay men cannot reveal their identity to the girl as it is a crime and they simply get married and ruin everything. Sometimes these marriages take a disastrous end as many women have committed suicide after continuous ignorance. The government can ban gay sex but they cannot force gay men to have sex with woman. Moreover most of the woman get engaged in extra marital affair as the absence of sex in marriage provokes them to become unfaithful. Just because of this law millions of girls are getting trapped in the marriage with gay husband.

The so called saints of India have taken advantage of this law to shine their carrier as a sex pioneer. They provide fake medicines and fake promises to cure homosexuality. Sadly many parents give their only son or daughter to them and the result they get is worse than ever. Frequent torture and humiliation makes the condition of homosexuals worse as these saints attack verbally and emotionally to kill the self conscious and dignity of the homosexuals in India. Surprisingly these uneducated saints are welcomed by media to give their negative views about homosexuality. They create confusion and misinterpret the issue to the public and in reality their claims have no evidence and reference but still media entertain them in debates for good TRP. Besides this saints from different religions are also invited for discussion and their obsolete ideology based on their uneducated background makes things complicated for homosexuals.

Uncountable straight men are committing rapes and sexual crimes with small girls and animals but still homosexuals are blamed for it. A sexual crime can be committed by any one and the history of rapes in India has shown that almost every rapist who rapes woman practice anal sex apart from vaginal sex in the rape act. Heterosexuals have achieved distinction in rapes and sexual crimes  but still homosexuals are considered responsible for anal and oral sex.

Homosexual relation is not only based on sex, emotional bonding, support, affection and love are equally practiced just like any other couple. We must also not forget that millions of adults prefer penetration of anal and oral apart from vaginal intercourse and they are straight. Surprisingly heterosexuals are much more active in experimentation when it comes to sex then homosexuals.

It has also been noticed that homophobic people who hate homosexuals are also closet gays and the reason of hatred is basically jealousy and envy. Most of the homophobic people who are of old generation do not got chance to experience good sex in their life time but seeing present gay generation in freedom creates envy and jealousy to a great extent in them. They believe that if they haven’t got it why they will allow others for the same. They dislike and hate homosexuals as if homosexuals are some terrorist or murderer.
The section 377 states that unnatural sex with men, women and animal is punishable.

In reality forced sex whether natural or unnatural should be punished but sex with consent of both the partners should be allowed as preventing that is violation of human rights.

Secondly sex with animal and child should be punishable under this law which is totally justified.

The section 377 needs serious amendments and the main activity which should be criminalized is having sex with animal and children. Two adults making out love with consent are not criminal as expressing love is like worshiping god. The world is already filled with hatred and corruption, violating the fundamental rights of homosexuals is the most horrifying sin which the homophobic people are committing which they are not aware about.

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