Saturday, August 8, 2015

Is India scared of punishing the terrorists?


India has been attacked several times by terrorists and some incidents are so horrifying that still its impact is alive on the minds of people of India. Thousands of people died in terrorist’s attacks in India in past and still India is not a safe country due to various demerits and weakness that exist here and has not been corrected till now.

First of all most of the terrorist attacks are done in India by Pakistan and most of the terrorists involved are Muslims but this does not mean that every Muslim is a terrorist.  Terrorist activities are done by negative communities who want to show their power and who believe in creating terror, generally politics and conspiracy are involved in these activities. Their intentions are highly dangerous and they exhibit themselves correct as they believe that they are protecting their religion Islam from these actions. Moreover, a sense of revenge is exhibited by these terrorists if any terrorists in past had been hanged by the government of India as a punishment for his terror attack.

India is a largest democracy and the tag of secular nature puts India in a complicated situation in every scenario. In every decision making process secularism comes in the way of the politicians which reflect their decisions every time. India has every religion , from east to west to south to north , India has all the cultures and all the religions under one room , it’s like a whole world within and this is what making things complicated as Indian ministers and political leaders seems unfit in handling the world inhabited in the country.

The most popular religion affecting the countries working is Muslim religion. Everyone knows that India and Pakistan was a united nation before British people attack. As the British divide and rule policy got implemented in past India and Pakistan are two different nations now. India is a Hindu country and Pakistan is a Muslim country. Still after the divide some Muslim majority was left in India and some Hindu majority was left in Pakistan. As India has labelled them as secular every religion has the right to prosper in India and live with pride, India was no more a one religion country but Hinduism was the main religion as India is a Hindu country with highest majority in power.

Besides being a major Hindu country, the Muslim religion has affected the decision making process of political leaders. Although India has other religion people as well but still Muslim community is only the one which is used as a trump card for various activities like for votes or for any political decision. The impact of Muslim community is so much that India feels scared in giving the capital punishment to any Muslim terrorist found alive in the attack in India.

As any Muslim terrorist gets caught, politics and conspiracy travel faster than air. News channels exhibit the terrorist as a hero and lot of political leaders especially of opposition parties and celebrities comes forward for the rescue and support of the terrorist because of his Muslim tag. These people are not concerned with thousands of innocent people who die in the terrorist attacks. The families of the victims get no support and no help and they are left in the middle as nobody cares for the victims instead the terrorist is kept very nicely and crores are spent lavishly for his stay and well being.

It seems so pathetic to see that the murders are projected as a hero and the victims are projected as nobody in India. The reason behind this is Muslim votes. Most of the political parties in India win elections by Muslim votes and hence they do not want to make Muslims against them so they believe that helping the terrorist by converting his death penalty into life imprisonment will be a better option for vote bank. They do not love the people of their country and no compensation is offered to thousands of people who die in these attacks.

If somehow, the government punishes the terrorist with a death penalty, paid media and some corrupt political leaders cry out loud as if some hero has been died. All these actions are done to gain Muslim sympathy and again it works as Muslim community believes that the one who favours our religion is our leader and the one who favours Hindus does not deserve our vote. Nobody is concerned with the innocent’s who die in the terrorist attacks.

The innocent people who die are of every religion as you cannot determine the religion of the public walking in the crowd but sadly instead of favoring humanity Indian political leaders favors politics.
The one who kills someone gets death penalty in India but the one who kills thousands gets VIP treatment in India with unlimited support and help. The terrorists and their families are so powerful that they openly threaten the nation India for giving punishment but still Indian political leaders keeps them under cocoon.

Most of the leaders of Muslim communities in India provoke the Muslim majority against India and Hindus. They do brain wash of Muslim people by negative motivation and false information to ignite hatred and anger. These leaders are living in India but also hating India at the same time. They want the Muslim majority to follow their belief and misguide the Muslims against the Hindus and India. These actions are clear reflection of the divide and rule policy of British which divided the nation in past. This policy is still alive and used every time to gain votes and favors.

Hindus and Muslims both know that they are a general public and earning bread and living peacefully under shelter is their only need, there is no point of hating each other when everyone is working hard to progress. Nobody has time to create differences or prosper hatred, although the religions are different and it’s completely normal as every religion has different rules and way of working but this peace environment gets hampered by every possible corrupt leader who only wants to see destruction of the public and construction of his power and esteem.

This is the biggest betrayal to humanity which is openly done by most of the political leaders in India. The one who is a destroyer, the one who is a murder, the one who kills thousands, the one who takes lives does not deserve a life. A terrorist is a destroyer no matter whom he belongs to and no matter what religion he falls in, the destroyer needs to be destroyed if we want life to prosper and flourish.

India will never be free from terrorist’s attacks and crimes as most of the political leaders play the trump card of religion over humanity. The elections which should be won on the basis of technology and urbanization are still won on the basis of Muslim and Hindu differences.  In reality, nobody ever loved India and nobody favored this country, as everyone wants to convert this nation into something it is not.

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