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Is India a hidden Islamic and homophobic nation?

Is India a hidden Islamic and homophobic nation?

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India is a secular nation and the second largest democracy in the world but all these qualities exist on paper only. The reality of India is far more different than what is shown. The recent update about homosexuality is totally shocking. India joins other homophobic nations to vote against the equal rights to same sex partners at UN. Most of the homophobic countries involved in this are Islamic countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Oman, UAE etc. India intentionally and excitedly supported these nations besides knowing the fact that homosexuals face brutality and death sentence in these Islamic nations very often. Is this the indication of India as the new Islamic nation?

The tag of secularism and democracy is fading day by day specially because of the ideology and thinking of Indian political leaders. In current scenario the current political party in power is blamed to be ignorant towards this issue and it’s a known fact but looking at the past, among all the political parties of India there is not a single party who has ever stood in favor of homosexuality or has ever taken pains in putting this issue in parliament for the debate.

 India claims that India is secular and people have to follow the constitution and not any particular religion to live or express. The constitution gives fundamental rights to every person living in India including right to equality and right to liberty and freedom including the rights of minorities  but the recent case of India voting against same sex couples and further criminalizing of same sex relation in India proves that neither the political leaders nor the government cares about constitution. They use the term constitution to get votes and popularity but in reality constitution is kept away locked in a cupboard and nobody has right to apply it for the people.

Whenever any debate on homosexuality comes up, Muslim organisations and its leaders jump into the discussion in the most aggressive manner. They use the term Islam and their religion to boycott and stand against homosexuality. The reasoning of being against homosexuality is their religion Islam which they advocate in the country India where constitution has the power not any particular religion to make rules for the people. It seems so surprising that Muslims are powerful to so much extent in the nation India that they openly oppose the constitution and considers homosexuality as a crime as it is written in their religion Islam. The political leaders of India behave deaf, blind and vain as if India is an Islamic country and voice of Hindus cannot be heard here.

Hindu mythology and historic evidences in Hindu culture has shown evidences of homosexuality but still Hindus in India support Muslims when it comes to standing against homosexuals. The funniest statements given by many Hindu and Muslim leaders are that they don’t hate homosexuals but they hate homosexuality. They also say that they don’t want homosexuals to practice homosexuality but they can live as homosexuals. This is the most funniest and non relevant statement on record shown on every media channel in India. The so called authorized Hindu saints give their negative verdict about homosexuality as if they are fully aware about the issue.

Most of the ministers believe that homosexuality is a disease or mental illness and some even consider this as a delegation imported from the west. Many believe that it is contagious and most of the leaders believe that it’s a choice. The reality is that they don’t want to see the reality. They don’t want to believe the scientific evidences and they don’t want to tolerate the truth. They are the born superstitious people who still believe in miracles and myths. The term development and change are very big for them to digest. It is the bad luck of the country that people with non liberal views are ruling the nation India. It looks like that India is a country where dictatorship is in fashion. It seems like our political leaders consider leaders like Hitler as their inspiration as this is clearly reflected in their actions and behavior towards the minorities.

Lack of education and illiteracy is widespread in India which prevents people from seeing the reality. Most of the political leaders, religious saints and gurus are illiterate and uneducated. They don’t have any knowledge about science and sexuality the only thing they are blessed with is politics which they play very well in India.

Homosexuals have to fight a big battle to get their rights. Many homosexuals are aware about the reality of Indian leaders. In order to live their life with pride and freedom many homosexuals have worked hard and migrated to developed nations where homosexuality is acceptable. Frankly speaking If homosexuals want to have a good peaceful life, they have to leave the nation India and migrate to the nations who welcome homosexuality with open hands as this is one life they have got and being stuck in India and fighting for the rights is a total waste of time as the political leaders of India have a stubborn mindset of ignorance and in-sensitiveness which cannot be changed in a short span of time.

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