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How corrupt doctors of India kill patients in the name of treatment?

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The medical field of India has always been controversial and debatable but still Indians are a blind followers of doctors since history. Indians get so crazy for the term "doctor" that almost every parent wants to see their children as future doctors. India is blessed with over population with hospitals less than the actual demand. The over population of people is a blessing for doctors as more patients means more money. Till now non attending of patients was the only issue which was shown on TV or in any other media form but in reality there are uncountable things doctors do to kill their patients in India. 

First of all the learning doctors are the nightmares for the public. They are not less than any butcher as the senior doctors or teachers of these learning doctors give them liberty to exploit people for their so called Thesis. Example: The patient who comes to the hospital for pain in stomach is diagnosed for kidney pain/disease as the respective doctor is doing thesis on kidney.

Similarly, numerous experiments are done on people in the name of treatment just to complete the thesis or to get the name published in some so called Medical Journal. The pain and emotions of the patient and his family’s sentiments are all ignored intentionally and the patient is used as an object whose body is stabbed and sacrificed for money and experiments. The brutality done in the name of experiments is so wild that even the hell would be a better place than the premises of these doctors. Usually these experiments are done secretly and the patient's consent is taken on paper by showing other picture of the reality cunningly. The patients are unaware about the brutality they will be facing in the name of treatment and most of the patients in India end up with severe diseases and even death; thanks to these corrupt money minded doctors who use human body for their lust.

The most awful experiments are done on new born babies and infants in India. Millions of newborns are killed in India by doctors in the name of experimentation. These experiments are frequently done on different and unique cases for example endoscopic work in a newborn whose mother is a kidney patient. The parents face mental trauma by these doctors as these doctors pressurize the parents to donate the child for thesis. Most of the doctors give wrong and negative reviews about the child’s health to the parents and misguide them to put end to their hopes. The term "observation" is used to exploit the body of the new born mercilessly for personal interests.

Generally, money is charged in the name of blood for transfusion and medicines but the same is not provided to the new born children because it not needed in the first place. The parent’s interference and attendance is prevented to the most to make them unaware about the issue. For the doctors newborns are just like a car that came for servicing. Just like any corrupt car mechanic who makes big bills and shows multiple works in a car, corrupt doctors in India ruin the life and future of the new born by doing multiple surgeries and experiments on the child just to fill out their so called thesis. Their leaders guide them to be merciless as being merciless means being more rich. In every medical institute doctors are guided to consider a patient as a body and not as a human. The term "body" itself clears out the emotions in these doctors as money is the prime motto.

It is like any other technical field which we are not aware about. For example; when we give our laptop or computer or any electronic item for repair, we get huge bill in return and we are bound to trust the bill and defects the engineer tells us. Similarly, doctors in India live with an ego that they are a doctor so they know better than anyone. 

The most common reply to any question of a patient is “WHO IS THE DOCTOR?  YOU OR ME? ” This one reply is enough to seal the patient’s lips.

Besides infants, adult patients are frequently exploited and sent to grave by these corrupt doctors in the name of treatment. These doctors fetch money, time, body, organs and the life of the patient. The population of patients is so high that it becomes very difficult to trace them or catch them. The people who revolt or force to get their patient discharged are often threatened in the name of LAMA (Leave Against Medical Advice). These doctors do their best to make the patient stay in the hospital as more days means more money.

From diagnostic centers to learning doctors to experienced doctors to five star hospitals to government hospitals corruption is present everywhere as money minded corrupt doctors have spread across the nation like a viral. In this entire corruption scenario, the government and the political leaders are silent and ignorant towards these issues. There is no intervention of government for these sensitive matters and there is no control over the ever increasing crimes in the medical world. 

The government should make special teams and secret programs to monitor and examine the crime these doctors do in the name of treatment. The so called clause of Ethics should be more strictly applied so that these corrupt doctors do not play with the lives of innocent patients and only that treatment be provided which they really need. 

Frankly speaking instead of relying on the silent government the people should  take steps to prevent themselves from these crimes. Before rushing to any nearby clinic for the treatment and blindly trusting the prescribed treatment, it is better to have a second opinion as well as be well informed about your illness, it's symptoms and probable treatments with the help of enormous info available online and on various medical sites and in various medical books. The information about the prescribed medicines is also available online so that you are aware of what you are taking in your body. 

Above all, For the illness that can be easily avoided by taking precautions must be at all costs avoided because PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE. 

The term "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE"  can be a second definition for this article as preventing yourself from going to these corrupt doctors is certainly the best cure.

© PULKIT MOHAN SINGLA, 18 August, 2015

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