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Why it becomes so impossible for us to accept our son or our brother or friend who has came out of the closet. Why human sexuality is a big deal?

The first reaction of every parent is same when they get to know about their son’s true orientation. Most of the parents believe that it’s coming from a bad company. Somebody is spoiling him and there first step is to force him to boycott all his male friends and invite female friends in his group.
Parents believe that he is confused or misguided or he is still immature and they force him to grow up as a man. In order to make him straight some curious parents even take their son to night clubs, make them watch straight porn and stuffs like that and motivate him to erect his macho behavior and spoil woman and use woman as it is a source of pleasure.

They even provoke him and attack him verbally by questioning his identity as a man which includes negative remarks of feminism, bad words and inhuman comments to make him dissolved in guilt and anger. They believe that by passing this tough test he will eventually shout out loud to fuck a woman and not a man.

Besides this hard work they also take the shelter and help of the people who authorize themselves as gods angels and perform numerous black magic’s and prayers on their son in order to change him into a straight man.

Although science has given great evidences about homosexuality , but still there are many doctors who play with the emotions of parents and fetch handsome fees in exchange of some non workable tests and medicines which are given to the gay patient.

Usually after all these practices the result is zero as parents are trying to change nature and in reality nature never changes. Humans have to modify and develop themselves according to nature.
The last remedy is marriage which is forcibly done by different pressurizing techniques like emotional black mailing, verbal attacks, threatening and even man handling. Parents believe that marriage will solve the problem and once he will get in touch with a female he will forget the impact of male on his mind and body.

The most interesting fact is that most of the parents play politics with their own son. They understand the issue and they very well know about it. Marriage is the solution as well as the remedy as from the society's point of view their son is married. Hence he is straight. The society is only interested in seeing bachelors getting married and they live happily ever after story is already assumed and imagined in mind. Nobody has time to look in the bedrooms to see whether the bed is broken or not. Parents are not concerned for the future of the son at that time. Their main concern is ego and reputation which is fully fostered by the marriage ceremony. Secondly dowry is another bait which they cannot forget. Marriage brings dowry and no matter how much the marriage will last, the starting is always happening as from friends to relatives to society, everyone forgets and are least bothered about your sex life. They are only worried if you are not married.

Most of the parents choose girls from poor families because of the same reason. A girl from poor family is already under pressure by her parents. Money and materialistic assets and facilities make her deaf, dumb and vain.

The politics is so much involved in families that even the brothers of the groom take chance to flirt and consume the bride as sex is already absent in her married life and many girls even surrender and choose this path where she is a slave who is fostering the sex need of the husband’s brothers and also doing household jobs as a lawful servant. Well this only happens with girls who are poor or who do not get support from their families.

Parents usually defend their gay son after marriage as bride complaints to mother in law first and foremost about the sex report card of the son. Quarrels, fights, verbal attacks, man handling, threatening everything unethical is the usual scenario of such marriages.

One of the most interesting reasons behind forcing the gay son for marriage is money and property. When a gay son denies for marriage, it is a clear indication that he will not have any child. So the present property and status and money will be consumed by him in his lifetime and later it will be given to someone who is either a relative or to a stranger or to any orphanage. Nobody wants to give their hard earned money or their property to charity and hence the next generation is a must which is only possible if the son gets married and gives birth to the son. It has also been noticed that besides that if the parents have more sons apart from a gay son they are not much worried but if the gay son is all alone or the parents have daughters apart from a gay son the situation will be the same. Most of the parents do not wish to share their property with their daughters and hence the gay son is forced to hell to get married and ruin everything.

Sometimes gays are also seen married with kids but having children is still a mystery as sex is crucial for birth of a child and when there is no sex, the birth of the child is in question.

In many adverse situations, the child is of the gay groom’s brother or any other relative who don’t mind in having sex with the groom’s wife. Children are also adopted and even surrogates in many situations to complete the family. Many modern woman take divorce to save their rest of the life but in most of the cases both the partners live together as enemies and both of them has double life and multiple partners to spice up the controversial boring destiny.

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