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Why government does not legalize homosexuality?

Why government does not legalize homosexuality?

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Every country has different rules and regulations and every country follows their set of principles on which their constitution has been established. Well law and order is in the hands of the government and besides following old laws, it is necessary to implement obsolete laws and build new laws according to the scenario. Issues and disturbances are established if old obsolete laws are imposed on the public. Homosexuality is one such issue which is still present in today’s society.

Homosexuality is present since history and its evidences are present since hundreds of years but still uneducated political leaders don’t make any law which can make the life of homosexuals better. There are many communities in India who are leading a life of third class citizens and homosexual community is the first and foremost in that. The basic human rights are not given to them and it’s been years they have never experienced the comfort of marriage and love and happiness as there is no law which supports their identity.

Indian ministers are so afraid about this issue that they don’t even want to talk about it. The Indian ministers have been ruling and wining elections on the basis of cast and community but homosexual people have never been a topic of discussion.  It feels so strange to see that there are people who are living a life where they cannot love or marry the choice of their own partner just because they are homosexual and they choose person of same sex for love and marriage and not of opposite sex. It’s a tragic reality of India and many countries where homosexuality is still illegal.

But the most important question is why government does not legalize homosexuality? 

Why they are ignoring this community? As a political leader the main job of the ministers is to play politics and that’s what they do with the issue of homosexuality. They project that homosexuality is not acceptable by people but in reality nobody cares what you are doing in your bedroom or to whom you are living or sleeping with. The term unnatural given by these narrow minded people is simply foul as oral sex or anal sex or foreplay is a part of sexual pleasure and that can be done by any two individuals whether they are male or female or both male or both female. Moreover nobody is knocking in your bed room to see whom you are having sex with. The fact is that it’s all about physical satisfaction and its two people who decide by which act or by which way they are getting pleasure.

Legalizing homosexuality is the first step which will allow two people of same sex to enjoy sex but to live the rest of the life together marriage is also important. For that besides legalizing homosexuality, a new law that allow marriage of two people of same sex is also required. The ministers and political leaders believe that this is a very big and bold step and if they will legalize homosexuality, more people will stand out for their rights as besides homosexuals there are many communities in India who are fighting for their basic rights like inter-sex community or community with low cast.
Indian political leaders have been granting numerous benefits and reservations in big lucrative jobs to the people of low cast but in reality the real deserving candidate for this is people with no human rights like homosexuals or inter-sex people who have been facing exploitation and harassment since centuries.

Political leaders invest public’s money more in their party fund and less in development and solving these critical issues will require money and presence and dedication for which political leaders are not ready.

Illiteracy and superstition has been since history in India and it has been spread as a viral which does not allow people to see beyond the things. The people carry a narrow minded behaviour with no development or change in mind. They have been living their old boring life where they believe that every person is born for marriage and procreation and there is no other motive of mankind which is the most pathetic ideology inbuilt in the hearts of most of the Indian people.

If some majority of people consist of men who are living with men or some females are living with other females what difference it causes to the world? Heterosexuals with biggest majority are responsible for over population, rapes and gender dominance issues. At least homosexual will never create over population as most of the homosexuals are not carrying the further generation , whatever majority is present they will be living their life and concentrating on themselves only unlike heterosexuals who are giving birth to uncountable children and creating more load on the environment and country as more population means more usage of resources. 

Don’t consider this essay as anti heterosexual as this is not a merit or demerits essay of heterosexual or homosexual community. It is a step to make people realize that every person has right to live and progress and enjoy freely which is the basic human right and banning or stopping someone from this right is clear violation of basic human rights which is the biggest sin heterosexual people are doing intentionally or unintentionally.

The government can easily make a law for the support of homosexuals and nobody will react in a negative way. In fact people need change for development and progress. When government increase taxes people tolerate it , when government makes amendments and laws people follow them so there is no point of quarrel or issue but again a true and good intention is required to create a change for the betterment of people and Indian political leaders have been famous for being heartless.

(c)Pulkit mohan singla

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