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Is sex really a bad thing to do in India?

Is sex really a bad thing to do in India?

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Sex is a beautiful expression shared by two people and frankly speaking it’s just a body need. Just like we get hungry for food our body also gets hungry for sex. But things work different in India. People do sex a lot but they don’t want to talk about it. Indians have a mentality of living in double standards , most of them believe to showcase themselves as a saint but they want to try out everything they could to satisfy their need and desires.

Indian people hide every activity in the name of religion and customs but in reality they have the highest rape rate in the world. Gang rapes and brutal rape cases are usual and still sex is not discussed or even talked about. The level of hypocrisy is so much that besides having sex education in schools teachers do not teach the same to the students. In fact the lesson is ignored and not even discussed with students. Although, curious students do try to figure out the meanings of the words and the pictures displayed in the books which are also not much explanatory.

When curious students discuss the same with their parents, Indian parents ignore the sex topic as if it is the worst thing is the world. From the beginning the topic of sex is kept away from the children and is considered a big taboo, although over population of India is a clear indication of sex activity in India performed by Indians.
There are many negative groups and uneducated freaks in India who are against sex no matter how much sex they have been doing .Sometimes these enemies of sex are so violent that they create riots and disturbances on the love occasion like Valentine’s Day or rose day or on any homosexuality parade.

Sex before marriage or Love outside marriage or inter cast marriage is also considered a big taboo and usually families are boycotted who allow their sons or daughters to choose person of other cast or community for marriage.

India has many popular roads and houses which are known for prostitution and their business is also on the rocks but again to the outside world things are shown under control.

Modern Woman are criticized for their bold clothing and still today the traditional Indian dress known as saree is used as a symbol of Indian woman. No matter in which part of the country Indian woman is residing she has to wear a saree. The reason of choosing this particular clothing is because it covers the complete body part which fosters the ego of the man of the house. Indian men are very narrow minded and doubtful in terms of love and betrayal. Women are always directed to follow the man of the house and in most of the houses timings are laid down for woman for going out at night or coming home early.

Human sexuality is such a big challenge for Indians that the country who is blessed with the label of the land of Kamasutra is running away from the same. Homosexuality or third gender or transgender or you can say lgbt community is discussed only among the lgbt groups and organisation that support it. The rest of the majority of people or government has never got time to discuss it. Indians are famous for blaming the west for the spread of homosexuality in India. They don’t want to admit it as natural phenomena in fact they consider it as a disease.

There is no alertness among people regarding STD’s and there is a great shortage of special clinics for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV. The diseases related to sex are considered a big taboo and there are hardly any clinics that can treat the same with pride or openness. The patient infected with a sexually transmitted disease is considered an alien by people and even by the doctor who is operating the same.

Indian people consider public display of affection as a wrong act besides the fact that bollywood or Indian film industry is crossing boundaries in showing the nudity to the whole world by their over dramatic movies.

Indians will do lot of sex and every activity related to sex will be performed but with the label of sex less country.

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