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Is homosexuality really curable?

Is homosexuality really curable?

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Homosexuality is one of the most controversial and confusing debatable topic that is discussed everywhere today. As most of us don’t know much about this issue and we carry countless confusions and misconceptions regarding this topic. The most common and popular misconception regarding homosexuality is that is it really curable?

Well everyone has answers about it no matter they know about it or not. The people who think that homosexuality is a choice and not a natural thing are plenty in number and the people who think that it’s a disease are also plenty in number and these misconceptions are common .

The most uncommon misconception about homosexuality is carried by bisexual people. As bisexual people are attracted to both the genders, they consider every one as bisexual and they also think that everyone in some phases of their life feel attracted to same sex apart from opposite sex. No one knows how much right or wrong they are but this ideology provokes them to consider homosexuality as a choice and not a natural creation.

There is a big majority of homosexual people who are not happy with their life as they face humiliation every day. In order to get acceptance most of them are constantly working hard to find out ways to change themselves and convert into bisexual. 

The most common source of inspiration are bisexual people and the lessons they get from their bisexual friends regarding conversion as bi are hilarious and dramatic as the most common thing you will hear from a bisexual guy is “that it’s all mind game and once you set your mind and consider your wife as a man and do everything with her by imagining her as a man you will be able to perform good sex” but is that really workable?

Can a gay guy at his wedding night perform sex with his wife by considering his wife as a man? Don’t you think that this looks more like a funny game, completely distinct from reality and can a woman really tolerate a submissive husband who experiments and hesitates in bed with nervousness and excuses?

There are unlimited saints and doctors who offer treatment for homosexuality but are they really real? Millions of parents throw their dear gay child in the arms of greedy people who make big promises and snatch big amount of money from sad desperate parents who quest to change their gay child eagerly.

Well different people have different thinking and there is very less source of real information and knowledge about human sexuality in India.

One of the most common reasons for these misconceptions and wrong information is no advancement and more inclination towards black magic and orthodox spiritual thinking.

Homosexuality is not a choice as if it’s really a choice no gay men is stupid that he will live a lonely life , he will probably switch to another choice and that is woman but unfortunately this quality is only blessed to bisexual people which not only creates confusion but also creates homophobia among uneducated confused people.
Why anybody will choose a tough life for himself when he knows that he can change himself. 

Why a person will stick towards being gay if he can also get attracted to woman? Why a gay men will face harassment and disappointment when he knows he can love a woman and live a happy married life. The real answer is he cannot. He cannot change himself as it’s not a choice; he is born with it which is why he has no option except facing and tolerating all the injustice and harassment by straight community. No matter how much gay men try they cannot provoke their attraction towards woman as they don’t feel anything by a woman’s touch.

Most of the parents don’t understand this fact and even if they understand they don’t want to believe it. They don’t want to live with this fact that their son is gay. Whole life parents work hard to earn money and reputation. They live some dreams and they want to achieve those dreams in their old age. Marriage is the most common dream parents live but homosexuality of their son will not fulfill this dream. 

Moreover, they believe that homosexuality will affect their reputation in the society. They get so much concerned for their reputation, their dream and their ego that they forget that the one they are fighting with is their own child and first and foremost their son is a human being and then anything else. They torture their own blood to so much extent that they violate even the basic human rights of their own son.

The government and society negligence towards this issue also play a major role in this as there is a great shortage of awareness programs and educational workshops about homosexuality.

Parents who are already under the pressure of society follow old tradition of mistakes by torturing their son every day to change their son into someone he is not. They believe that marriage is the only solution to every problem which is another mistake they do by forcing their son to get married.

They ruin the life of their son as well as the life of the girl who is innocent and unaware about the reality. They cannot accept their son but they are ready for all the problems and consequences which this unsuccessful marriage will bring as it contains betrayal and disappointment.

These marriages take a very sad and destructive role in the end and intentionally or unintentionally parents ruin their own blood.

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