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India is rich but its people are poor

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Besides having so much money in India, Indian people live a life of a third class citizen. India has the largest slum colonies and largest population living below the poverty line. Although there is a big majority of tax-paying middle class and rich community but still India is poor. The development is confined to some cities only and that too is dependent on the foreign investments.

 The tax and inflation is rising but the facilities and development is the same - old and obsolete.  Almost every Indian believes that his/her country cannot be clean and developed like other foreign developed countries. Indian population is so much frustrated from their political leaders that they do not seek any hope or any improvement. The hopeless government and the leaders who make situations non workable is the reason for the same.

The corruption in India travels from the top management to the middle management and later end up to the lower management and this cycle repeats at its course. In every new project a new scam is hidden and every time unbelievable amount of money is wasted and consumed in the party fund by the political parties which so ever is in power. The amount of money is so high that if it is used for the development it can construct a new India in a year.

From roads to hospitals to infrastructure to bathrooms, each and everything is either incomplete or is insufficient according to the people. The government in India is more interested in doing business rather than handling administration. There is a very mean ideology set in the minds of people which is ruining the nation every day. Most of the ministers believe that people’s money is their money and hence they will use the same on themselves for their personal expenditures and leisure.

It works like this: a common man gets elected and becomes a minister and after becoming a minister he is a VIP , from big cars to big bungalows to national treasure everything is in his hands , he get so much attached to the surplus money and materialistic comforts that he believes that everything belongs to him and not to the public. This mean ideology is present in almost every minster in India. The decisions these political leaders make on their chair are only the ones which will benefit them and if they are unable to consume the money, they waste the money in frustration on unnecessary activities like giving some 1000 crores to some nation or investing some lakh crores for the making of some statue. The reality is that the value of every item purchased by government is shown five times higher than its actual cost. In this way the surplus money is consumed and distributed by the ministers and is used in the party fund. 

The value of money is not known to most of the ministers in India as it’s not their hard earned money which leaves no space for realization or consideration towards the population of the country which is drained to misery by the very ministers.
People of India are aware about this but they are helpless. They cannot revolt everyday against the unethical activities their political leaders do. So, to compensate for the same, they pay less tax than they actually should. Indian people believe that when their money is not invested for their own welfare then why they should further waste the same.  The government is also smart enough in fetching money from people’s pockets and hence complicated procedures, laws and guidelines are made every year for the same.

Some decisions of government are so wasteful that people live in anger and frustration everyday which is in turn reflected upon their daily life. The funniest part is that even in today’s scenario elections are won on the basis of cast and community instead of development and technology. The divide and rule policy of British is still alive in India and is beautifully practiced in every election by the political leaders. Most of the political leaders are uneducated and some have not even seen a school in their life. It’s so funny to see the fate of Indian people that uneducated people are ruling the nation and are authorized at very sensitive posts while for the lower un-important posts they seek highly educated people with complete knowledge from class 1 to university levels and employed at meager incomes just enough for a hand to mouth survival.

Education gives knowledge to the person and knowledge develops the brain, makes our thinking wider and broader in every sense, we get confident and alert about the surroundings. In every sense education is compulsory for making a person a better human but this important subject is not a priority in Indian politics. How can a political leader make a decision when he is not even educated enough to understand the things?
Any person with any criminal background applies for the political leadership and people have no say at all in this. The only choice they have is to choose from either of the two thieves. Even till date India has many political leaders with bad criminal backgrounds and still things are working at risk.

People never question the government and government never gives the answer. Every political party which so ever is ruling considers the five year span as the golden chance to fetch as much money as they can in their party fund , rest nobody is concerned about anything. Every business groups are entertained by the political leaders no matter how much unethical deal they are offering. The main motive is money and things work like that only in India.

A very small group of people rich in India consist of political leaders, business giants, celebrities, gurus and criminals. Rest of the public ranging from poor to middle class will invest their whole life in struggling and fighting as they are born to tolerate the injustice and eat the leftovers of the rulers of the nation India.

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