Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Biggest Myth about homosexuality

The biggest myth people carry about homosexuality is a very common and old myth. People believe that gay men or inter sex people or transgender people are the same but in reality three of them are very different from each other.


Gay men or gay woman popularly known as homosexuals are people who like people of the same sex like gay men liking gay men and gay woman called as lesbians are liking female partner. They are happy and proud with their liking and attraction towards same sex which is natural and they are born with this trait.

Image source: internet(GENITAL AMBIGUITY-common disease which makes a person INTER-SEX)
image source: internet (INTER-SEX PEOPLE IN GAY PARADE)

Inter-sex people are those people whose genitals are not fully grown or the genital area has some abnormality. The most common disease they are born with is genital ambiguity which is considered a permanent problem and there are very less chances of treatment especially in undeveloped countries.  Inter-sex people are called as people with third gender in India. Generally the male get female qualities such as feminism, breast enlargement with undeveloped genital area which does not make them a complete person and females get facial hair, manly voice with again undeveloped genital area. The abnormality in their genitals , prevent them from having intercourse or you can say that they cannot have sex because of the disease. The female inter sex person cannot conceive or enjoy intercourse and male inter-sex person cannot enjoy as they don’t have normal male reproductive part. In many developed countries, surgeries are conducted to correct the genital abnormality which is possible in some cases only. But in India they do not have any acceptance or any say at all.


Transgender people believe that they are not born in the right body and hence they dress up in the clothing of opposite sex but most of them go extreme and get their genitals changed through surgery Like many transgender men get their genitals removed and get female genitals implanted. Besides this they also take hormones to change their body type like woman taking male hormones like testosterone and getting breast removed is another major step many transgender women take in order to act as a man. To become a complete person they have to go through multiple surgeries which are very costly and sensitive. Due to lack of support and less money many transgender people live life without surgery but some desperate transgender males get their penis castrated and even join inter-sex community for survival.

The most common myth people carry is that all of them are same which is totally wrong.
The fact is that homosexuals have still gained some level of acceptance as they are just like every normal straight person, only the difference is in their liking which is only expressed in the bedroom.

 On the other hand Inter sex and transgender appear different to people specially because of their actions and appearance. People find it difficult to adjust with the person who is not complete and hence they face harassment, ignorance and hatred. It’s the most cruel side of human nature that the people who deserve sympathy , love and support are not even considered human just because of the tragedy they are born with.

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