Monday, June 15, 2015



By Pulkit Mohan Singla

No matter how much years this country will take in development, developed countries and their giant commerce world takes a lot of interest in India. Besides being a slow developing country and with unlimited demerits and complications, India is a topic of special interest for the masses.

It’s so surprising that the country where illiteracy level is greater than the population level, where technology and broad mindedness exist in closed groups and urbanization is shown just in the name of malls and multinational corporations, people from outside India still believe that this country is more into values and ethics.

Tradition, customs and values are shown in cultural shows; the relation of which hardly exists in day to day lives of Indian people.  The lifestyle of Indian people is still like the previous era except the fact that they are using mobiles instead of telephones and better cars instead of one old-fashioned model and stylish scooters.

The streets, the outer atmosphere and parks are always messy and dirty like the past and there is no hope for any improvement. India still craves for public bathrooms and every time billions of rupees is sanctioned for tenders but zero result. People are still spitting and peeing on roads and it’s like a tradition now, whenever Indians travel, they throw their eatables on streets and spit outside and pee on the walls or trees whatever is close to them.

Most of the public dealing offices or you can say Govt. offices which serves public are not adequate and appealing in appearance and functioning. The architecture and the messy conditions and the toilets will tell you the story of the offices.

There are hardly any schemes of free education and whatever scheme is present for education, what they teach in Govt. Schools is not education but just a time pass as the whole school ambiance and the teachers are not at all up to the mark.

The funniest part of Indian politics is that anyone can be eligible for it and education or background is not taken into consideration at all. Even a criminal can become a minister and there are a lot of ministers in India with severe criminal backgrounds and no education at all and they are elected at very sensitive posts.  Although there are very tough guidelines and procedures and examinations and tests to qualify as an IAS but the one who manages bigger responsibilities does not require much of education.

Another interesting fact India carries in its blood is extra benefits, extra incentives, extra bonuses, and extra marks to the people of low cast or low background. It’s so stupid to see that knowledge and skills are not important but caste is important to qualify on the top. For e.g. The people belonging to general category has to attempt whole exam to pass and their marking is done tough but if any person belongs to low caste he/she will be passed no matter they attempt the whole paper or not.

Elections are won on the basis of cast, creed and religion. People hardly talk about development and hardly ask questions about the country's progress. Giving vote is just a duty for a lot of them and most of the Indian population let the things go with the flow.
Indians spend a lot of thousands on every day clothes but feel panicked giving a single rupee or some hundreds to the servants. Begging is a business in India flourishing at a high speed. Unfortunately everything is allowed to go with the flow.

Indian people are so crazy for celebrities that some even worship them like insane and temples are erected in their honor in many states. Hollywood celebs are a topic of fascination for so called educated mall going and MNC working community where most of the Indians try to project themselves as a foreigner or may be American or British rather than a true Indian. They feel shame in publically talking in their mother tongue which is Hindi but they do lot of blah in Hindi indoors.

Rapes will always be there and cannot stop in India as Bollywood and porn are emerging with new poses and ways every day. Besides being dirty and messy the streets are not safe, crimes are taken less seriously before they are actually committed.

 Juveniles have got a lot of rights and opportunities and favours in India. Even a rapist or a murderer will hardly get 3 yrs imprisonment if he/she is a juvenile. Indirectly the Govt. is giving licence to juveniles to commit most dangerous crimes as no matter whatever they do they will be punished only with 3 yrs punishment. I am afraid the terrorists might use this weakness of law.

The rich giants and business groups are getting unlimited benefits from the political leaders as they shower money in their party funds and the rest of the majority of middle class and poor are living in the hell and fighting everyday on small to irrelevant issues.

The beauty and perfection in India only exist on Indian airports specially the one in the National Capital of India but the outer ambiance and streets and public places hardly match that level.

This is not a hate article towards India or its people; it is a mirror which Indian community has to face. They must come out together to change these things which makes India weak no matter how much attempts or chances they have to avail, no matter how many political leaders they have to boycott, no matter how many changes required. India needs a change.

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