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How servants can ruin your entire life?

How servants can ruin your entire life?

Servants are the most important helping hands for us and since history their existence has been fruitful as well as dangerous.  We hire servants according to our work load and financial capacity.

Today most of the educated or working women avoid household jobs as they don’t get time and some of us even consider these jobs not according to our level.  We are dependent on the servants to so much extent that we are ready to please these servants through salaries , gifts , food , incentives and even lot more than that to get our work done.

The most basic household jobs like cleaning utensils, washing clothes, moping are done only by servants today. We are less dependent on machines and more on servants for these jobs.

The problem arises when we forget that servants are there for services only. Just like any company who offer services, servants are people who offer services and charge money for the same.

For our convenience we often employ servants who can stay in our houses or at our work place, the reason behind this is more work and better utility which is a common thinking we all carry.

A person who is a servant is generally a person below poverty line and that’s why they are doing that job. Allowing a person coming from poor background to stay and mix up in our house is like keeping food in front of a starving child.  The poor people live a life of misery where they are deprived of basic amenities like good food, clothes and even shelter. We may give them food, clothes and shelter but introduction to our life excites them towards better things which we are already availing like better clothes, mobile phones, laptop, TV, cars, bike, jewelry and money off course. It’s not bad to feel attracted to these materialistic things but it’s not possible to get all of these luxuries in a salary especially at a lower level. The urge for these materialistic assets provokes them towards crime as crime can easily help them in achieving these tempting baits.

The most basic and common crime servants do is stealing which is the easiest way of getting things which they cannot afford easily. It becomes difficult to keep a track about things in house or office as there are so many things which cannot be counted in a house/office. 

Crime takes a very serious mode when servants start hating the master. It has been seen that almost every servant hates his master. The reason of hate can be jealousy, anger and even lust. We often scold our servants because of many reasons. A servant mentality is different from a master’s mentality. A servant believes that he/ she is doing very hard work for which they are not getting enough salary and a master believes that we are paying huge salary but the servant is not doing the work. These different beliefs give rise to crime as both the thinkers consider themselves right at their place.

When a servant believes that he/she is doing hard work and salary is not up to the mark, they start creating problems in the working environment. Most common problems are created intentionally by doing less work, by doing dirty work , by breaking expensive things of the owner , by making excuses , by being absent and even by being argumentative. Most of the servants after creating these problems at work quit the job and switch to other job but some stay in the same job and create problems till they are not fired by the master. The level of problems is created to such a high extent that it can even ruin the future and present of the master. Most of the masters ignore the dangerous signs servant is showing and tolerate the revolting behavior.

We often tolerate the servant just because we have not got other servant in hand or we are totally dependent on the servant or even because the present servant is trained according to our work and schedule but keeping the unhappy servant is like keeping a snake in your house. If a servant is unhappy, he/she will make sure that you should also be unhappy.

The most dangerous activity servants perform is polluting our food through various things and making us sick. The intensity of anger can even lead to poisoning of our food by servants which may lead to serious illness or even death.

Our biggest mistake lies in a fact that we attach ourselves close to servants as we start treating them a family member just because they have been serving us from some couple of years. We expect love and loyalty from them just like we expect it from our blood relatives. We become so careless, dependent and lazy in their presence that we forget that yesterday only we have scolded them for a particular mistake. A servant always remembers his position and they never attach themselves with the master. Their sweet voice or smiling face does not guarantee loyalty and complete trust.

It has been noticed that serious crimes have taken place in houses where families start and end their day with the presence of servants. The most common targets are children and the female members in the house specially the housewife. Housewives are the one who take work from servants and also live with them the entire day. Anything can happen in the absence of the boss of the house especially when woman master is alone.

The most dangerously proved servants come from placement agencies. It is such a shame that almost 90% of girls and women are brought from villages to cities through betrayal. The agents give money to the parents and purchase the girl for their benefits. These girls get exploited physically and mentally by these placement agency workers and they dance on their tunes for survival. Most of the female servants work according to the placement agency and give necessary information about the house outside like going and coming timings of the bosses , money involved , activities of the owners etc which lead to crimes at the end.

It’s always important to keep a distance from servants and also to keep things in private. Too much indulgence of servants will expose the master’s activities and plans and can lead to bad consequences. It’s advisable to have alternate options like dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaners, dryers and other utility machines at home. Today these items are easily available on installments which prove to be loyal and safe as compared to servants. Avoid leaving your house for servants no matter how much good they are as you never know what lies under the skin.

I am not against servants or people who are working. this article is based on the news and crimes conducted by servants and is written for your safety and better life.

Too much encouragement to servants to use your house and machines will make you an outsider and will make them your boss.

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