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Why most of the Indians mentality is similar to the rapist’s mentality?

Why most of the Indians mentality is similar to the rapist’s mentality?
Article By Pulkit Mohan Singla

Most of the men in India live the life of a dictator where they have squashed woman at every level. Starting from their birth, they are given better life compared to their sisters. They have been regarded auspicious as they will bring a bride when they will marry with lots of dowry coming in and the girl child has been considered inauspicious by many families as she is raised until her puberty and at her marriage the dowry is given away along with her. You must be thinking that this cheap mentality is alive only among the poor communities in India but in reality most of the conservative and so called traditional people who are well to do in financial terms carry this mentality. The reason of mentality is lust for money and other motives. These people compare a person with assets and money and that’s why they consider girl child as expenditure and not an asset.

According to the thinking of most of the Indians, besides being an expenditure woman is also considered a source of pleasure. Her identity and individuality is questioned every second. In reality she is not considered human but a machine that is born to full fill the roles laid down by the male dominated society of the country India. Woman’s position in India is terrible since historical times. From Sati (woman has to burn herself if her husband dies) to child marriage to sex slavery to prostitution, women faced a lot in India.

On one hand women are considered the reflection of Goddess, on other hand she is beaten, humiliated, tortured, raped everywhere in India. Most of the Indians believe that a woman has to be homely and has to be fully covered in terms of clothing. Woman is made for certain jobs only and that is raising children , being a housewife , doing household works and fulfilling the physical needs of her man. This mentality is so deep inside the Indian values that almost every person in India wants his wife or daughters or sisters to be homely. 

Although due to development, new jobs have created scope for women who want to work and most of the educated women are stepping outside to work and to be independent but still today almost 90% of Indian women are housewives and their life surrounds only around house, kids and husband. The individuality and self dependence of Indian women is rare & mostly seen only in metropolitan cities. The women who work outside or work late or interact or work with male colleagues are not considered good by some so called cheap and narrow minded thinkers in India. They spread negative reviews about the working women who are independent as for them a woman and a man has only one relation and that is of sex. Certainly rape is an excuse they give to justify their crime. As one of the rapists said in the interview that he was teaching a lesson to the girl who was roaming outside with a guy at night. This absurd excuse and mentality is present in almost every rapist and there is no shortage of such thinkers in India.

Most of the Indian men restrict their daughters or wives from being independent and working due to many reasons. The most important concern is protection which also provokes men to prevent women from going out. Indian man knows that India is not safe for women and there is no control on rapes and assaults. The belief towards law and order is weak as people have experienced betrayal and false promises from every government and every political leader or system they believed in. The Indian men believe that they cannot change the political system and law and order but at least they can protect the women of their family from crime by stopping her from going out and by restricting her independence.

It’s such a shame that besides the tragic gang rape of Nirbhaya in India, even after such a big outrage and anger, the government fails to make a law against the juvenile who was also a culprit in the gang rape. The person who was responsible for such brutal act got only 3 years of imprisonment. Indian political leaders do not muse over the severity of the situation that’s why till now no law has been made against the juveniles who commit crimes like rapes and murders.

The Indian government and the law has given licence to juveniles to commit crime as they know that no matter how much brutality they do , they will only get 3 yrs of imprisonment which is the maximum punishment for juveniles in India. It’s so scary to see the careless free attitude of Indian leaders. In future terrorists can also use this weakness of Indian law but the political parties are only busy in blaming each other.

The Indian population is aware about their law and hence they believe that the only option they got is to stop women from being free and independent and make their life like a prisoner who is home jailed and that seems to be the only option to save her from any crime. Self-defence training can be a plus but never can be the sole solution to this problem.

On one hand, Bollywood shows nudity of women and sex while on the other hand Indians claim that they are most decent in terms of morals and ethics which eloquently reflect on their double standards.

Indians live with everyday incidents of crime, rape, assault, lust, corruption but they don’t want to believe it. The Indian population is used to the news of rape and crime and today it feels alright to them.

One of the most interesting facts is that the rape incidents where the brutality is less or the victim is simply killed by stabbing or by other regular means; people do not pay much attention. Although the incident of Nirbhaya was a great shock as it crossed all the heights of brutality, people’s over suppressed anger burst out on the streets which was the only reason that the government and the political leaders were compelled to make a strict law against the rapists. In India there are numerous cases of rape but nobody has time to go on the streets every time to get justice for the victim and it’s shocking that the case files which are not much highlighted are not attended to on priority by the Indian cops.

The media in India is more paid and less original. They only highlight the things when their TRPs or their income level is set. The most common evidence of this is that media has not at all highlighted the juvenile case continuously; they have not pressurized the political leaders to make a law against the culprit juvenile. Media has only time to promote the campaigns of the paying party or praise the actors and cricketers for money.

India will never see a day when crime like rape will be rare as Illiteracy, poverty, narrow mindedness, superstition, corruption and so called Indian thinking and so called mentality of gender dominance will never end.

© Pulkit Mohan Singla, 2015.

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