Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Work ethics of below middle class in India ( must read)

India is the most populated country with high illiteracy scale. Education, knowledge and skill are a privilege of rich and middle class. The rest of the remaining community which are below middle class does not have these three elements but still they survive better than middle class community. Generally they are into specific jobs which above middle class people consider low in terms of dignity.

From housekeeping to labor job to other commercial labor work such as plumbing, electrical, paint, plaster or mason , almost 99 % below middle class people in India  do these jobs. Surprisingly without having any knowledge and education they do these critical jobs.  The jobs of plumbing or electricity or mason etc requires knowledge and education at a bigger level as any small mistake can affect the life of the people in a negative way but surprisingly India does not have any education for these subjects. There is no separate course for plumbing or housekeeping or electrician or mason worker which is the funniest thing as all the infrastructure depends on these things in a bigger way and the people who construct these things are inadequate and unqualified.
Although India has architects and engineers who direct these unqualified workers but still the one who are actually working must be aware about it. Generally they get the skills from the local sources which is not any school but a guidance from their co workers who are senior in these jobs or they learn the same by seeing particular work.
India has millions of infrastructures which are under construction and under construction residential houses are the learning school for these workers. These below middle class community generally migrate from their hometowns to big cities for work and in big cities they perform great unity with their village friends and relatives. Their main intention is to fetch money which provokes them to be unite among their below middle class community.
In reality, skills are not the enough to create a perfect masterpiece; knowledge and education are also needed. Generally most of the construction work performed by these unqualified workers is not up to the mark as they don’t have any education. 

The mistakes and inadequate work performed by unqualified workers provokes the paying customer in a negative way and quarrels and fights are a common thing which happens between below middle class worker and middle class customer. Generally the rich community does not come in direct contact with below middle class community and hence the middle class community is only one who deals with below middle class for work and other jobs.

The scale of quarrels and fights is more than the scale of peace in India as education is lack among the masses.
Education not only provides knowledge but also makes a person a better human as decency and behavior are also guided by education.

Sadly below middle class community live like animals and the need of money and other materialistic things provokes them to do anything including crime and unethical activities.

Every year countless crimes including murder, rape , theft , assault , con are performed by these below middle class community people in India. The big cities are their working spot and they frequently travel from the big cities to their village towns and surprisingly 90 % of middle class people are not aware about the address and basic information of these unqualified below middle class workers which gives advantage to these below middle class people to perform any crime and runaway back to their villages.

India is an independent country but no political party and no leader has got the courage to solve these issues of poverty, illiteracy, over population and crime. In every 5 years , elections are conducted and the base line for wining these elections is poverty but still India gets nothing but false hope as changing this scenario is like kicking out your servants and doing the same job by yourself which is surely not a lifestyle of Indian people.

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