Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why straight human community is a hypocrite when it comes to sexual diversity? must read

Being gay starts from the day you are created in the womb as your certain genes and biological changes gives you this new species which is different from the entire world. You are born with this trait and it’s in your blood, the fact is you are created as gay, just like different species with different breeds. It’s so surprising that human beings accept and cooperate with all the living species of the world no matter how much diversity and difference is there but humans cannot cooperate with their own species with different traits and genetics.

Gay or lesbian or straight or transgender, all are different breeds of human species in which straight breed is high in percentage. I guess that high percentage creates an ego factor among the straight breed which motivates them to be a dictator and ignorant towards other species just because other species have less majority.
On one way we are trying our best to save animals like tiger which are getting extinct and they are not like human beings in anyway. In fact they are a threat to mankind as they are also man eaters. Similarly other animal species are saved and rehabilitated by humans no matter how much dangerous the species is to mankind.
Humans give an old excuse of cycle of nature that they are doing preservation and safeguard to maintain the balance.

Just like that, Gay, lesbian and transgender breeds in human beings are a balance to check on the rapidly spreading over population of human species. In the world where 90% of humans are giving births to kids and raising them it’s obvious to notice the 
10 % of it who are not having kids or are not interested in the same. That 10 % of human beings include gay, lesbian, transgender and even the straight bachelor people.
Why it is necessary to push and force the 10 % majority to follow the 90% majority and do the same activity of getting married to have children and raising them. Why this 90% of human beings majority only wants to overpopulate the world? Why they cannot accept the new breed in their human species just like they accepted the creatures of entire world?

Just like other creatures, humans are having these 4 distinct breeds since the beginning of the mankind. Surprisingly these distinct breeds are also present in animals since their evolution. But animals have got acceptance in every corner of the world and the distinct human species (gay, lesbian, Trans) are an issue of discussion since thousands of years. They are a topic and it’s been a very long wait they have been holding but still no concrete step has ever been taken.

We only isolate a particular species when it is a threat to us but surprisingly human beings get attracted to threat and they even wants to be closer to the same in order to show their power and ego. Snakes a species which can kill the entire human community and is entirely different from mankind in every possible way is even kept as pet by humans , they are also a source of attraction and they are saved and protected by same human beings then what is the problem in accepting the same human species with different traits?

There is no solid reason for hating gay or lesbian or transgender and there is no danger at all but still there is no acceptance and support. The straight human community has all the evidence of the existence of these different breeds but still they act ignorant.
Most of the straight humans call it a choice and believe that it’s an inclination from west but if they believe so why they do not force animals to act and behave like humans? Why they do not make laws to stop animals? The reason behind this is fear. 
It is believed that animals can be a fear to mankind and human beings are also flesh eaters as animals are used for food since the ancient times. Animals have discovered their own qualities and traits of protection and survival which helps them in surviving in the animal and human world.Survival tactics adopted by animals have helped animals in gaining respect and survival. 

but why this partiality? why humans of different orientation are not accepted just like all the world species? on one hand we say that we are secular and we are above all the religions and cast and we accept every person no matter what cast or religion he/she belongs too then why cant we include sexual orientation in the headline of so called secularism?  People with low cast are given endless benefits and incentives by govt. as they have been a target attack by other upper cast humans , then why gay , lesbian or transgender are not considered humans? why they are still a target attack by straight humans? why nothing is done in their favor? why they are considered worse than animals? why no body cares?

Many people say that gay sex is unnatural and in reality maximum percentage of straight couples practice unnatural sex. Is their really a way to check in the bedrooms of two people? are we really checking on the sex life of every living animal? most of the animals in this world are homosexual , are we criminalizing that too?

I guess these different breeds of human species (gay, lesbian, Trans) have to develop their own traits of protection and survival otherwise they will end up as a victim of hypocrisy by straight human breed just like they were in the past.

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