Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Can gay really enjoy sex with a straight woman?


I know its a very surprising question as we all know that gay men are only attracted towards men and there is no chance by which they can be attracted to woman . But still some gay men are married and are living happily ever after but the billion dollar question is how?

Most of the gay men ignore marriage as they know that they don't feel attracted to woman but what about those who marry a girl and live a normal life without any troubles and bad consequences. how they are managing their sex life? what is the key to success ? and how they build courage to face the situation and deal with it and the most important is how they do it?

After facing and realising the reality of being gay , most of the gay men end up with depression and work out to find out a solution to their problem. There cannot be any solution as gay cannot be converted into straight and there is no way by which it can be treated as being gay is all natural.

The source of inspiration to change themselves comes up from bisexual men who are blessed by nature to enjoy both the flavours. as we all know that bisexual men are attracted to both men and woman , gay men are always curious to become bisexual or act bisexual to change themselves. As bisexual men can satisfy both the genders they can easily get married and live a normal life which is not a privilege of gay men.

But still most of the gay men try to become bisexual just to save themselves from the tag of gay but the most important task is attraction . The attraction is most important for erection which leads to intercourse. Attraction provokes people for foreplay which is crucial to create intimacy but gay men can never enjoy foreplay with opposite sex .

The solution to save their marriage lies in sex only but again with the new method. This new method is helpful many times but it needs lots of practise and very adjusting partner. Most of the new bisexual turned gay men imagine their wife as men at the time of making out just like masturbation where we have some or the other person in mind when we fantasise. In this way they imagine the live person into the gender they feel attracted to but its a very stupid and difficult task .

The sensual zones of our body are so sensitive that any touch can make them active and many gay men are aware of this simple fact so they act like a toy for their wife . They convince her to do anything she wants to their body its like being a non living toy play boy where the woman is smooching and sucking the body and the private part. Its but natural that the private part will erect by regular touch and love and can even be used for fucking if the woman wont let the dick slow down. well the woman will be deprived of kiss or smooch on the lips as that gesture is very sensitive which no gay men can share. But the difficult part is that every woman cannot get convinced to this theory of love making where she has to make out with a statue husband as woman needs love and care and intimacy in return which a gay husband cannot give.

thirdly gay men may find it difficult to get themselves sexually exploited everyday by their wife as this new method of sex will not give mental and emotional satisfaction to gay men. many woman will suspect when the gay husband will advocate this kind of love making. its important to make the woman understand the reason for advocating this new method which is again very tough task. very few woman compromise and adjust according to gay men wishes . the happily ever after couples look perfect in picture but in reality these marriages are a nightmare for both the partners. some woman may compromise and opt this way to save their marriage but this does not seem a very workable option for long time as emotional bonding can only be established when partners enjoy mutually.

generally the gay men who look happy in their marriages use this new sex method in the early days of marriage so that they can manage to have one or two child. the child is the most common reason which provokes woman to stay in the marriage and live without sex with the gay husband.

forcefully or willingly , gay men can never enjoy sex with a straight woman but he can get raped by her if he is desperate to save the marriage.

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