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Why medical profession is the most corrupt profession in India?

Why medical profession is the most corrupt profession in India?

Doctors are always considered god in India and their profession as the most Nobel profession as they save lives which is the most appealing and great thing one can do. 

The image of this medical profession in India is so incredible that whosoever passes out from the medical college is considered the most qualified person. 

No matter how much educated or how much uneducated we are, we admire and respect the doctors to a very big extent. We may not be aware about the intelligence as well as the experience the doctor is having, for us being a doctor is enough. The most surprising fact is that almost 90 % of people have the same thinking. They believe that being a doctor is being the son of god. A doctor is considered the best above all professions as if other professionals of other fields have not studied at all.

This faith and belief of nobility in the medical profession has given rise to the corruption as most of us have a legal mindset that a doctor is always right. 

Let me explain you how it is a corrupt profession and from where the corruption starts. The corruption of the medical profession starts from the beginning when the students work hard to pass the pre medical test popularly called as PMT.  Most of the students know the in and outs to crack the PMT and there are many illegal ways by which Students pass the PMT  and the most common is bribe which we all are aware about.

Again after PMT the students are confused as they either have to choose the dental world or the anatomy world. well surprisingly the dental world in india is considered low and degraded when compared to MBBS and other medicine lines. Students and parents want their child to be MBBS rather than being a BDS and in most of the cases students choose BDS just because they have not got the admission in MBBS. Although BDS does not have much value in the society in India but BDS Field is not less than MBBS when it comes to corruption.

As the students approach for medical colleges, most of the medical colleges are just like 5 star hotels who are ready to fetch money. They are not concerned with your marks and caliber as most of the colleges like and invite the students who can pay bribe. For colleges the bribe is called as donation which is obviously in lakhs and crores depending on the subject of the medical science. For dental world the bribe is in lakhs but in case of MBBS the bribe even goes in crores.

 Generally there are very few students who actually work hard and get selected on the basis of marks rest most of the students offer donations to get the favorite department.

As the students get the admissions the colleges start their drama of so called studies. Most of the medical colleges in India have inadequate arrangement and facilities and the time which should be spent on learning surgeries and medicines is generally spent on the seminars which are presented in other states which again serve as a income source of colleges as colleges fetch money in the form of registration charges and this process of frequent seminars goes on till the student period of study in the college.

Moreover most of the teachers appointed in medical colleges are those who are a failure in the outer world as they charge less and again spend some hours and some alternate days in college as they do 2 or 3 jobs to run their kitchen. In this way they just pass their time and charge money of their presence, the education is out of the question in this case. 

Moreover most of the PG students are appointed as the teachers just after their graduation by these colleges no matter how much unqualified or inexperienced they are. The PG students are generally at a very less pay which is again a best thing for colleges who only want to fill up the posts.

The unqualified teachers don’t teach any surgeries and engage students in paper work and seminars. In most of the cases students learn the surgeries outside the colleges from local doctors and clinics by paying extra. This unprofessional way of colleges waste the time and money of the students and corrupt the whole medical environment.

Most of the students please the teachers by gifts and other gains to pass out well and this tendency of pleasing through gifts is circulated from seniors to juniors. This behavior of pleasing teachers with money and gifts is generated by teachers only as most of the teachers believe that when the student can pay donation to the college they can even pay to the teachers for passing exam.
Most of the students compromise and please their teachers with gifts and money as they have already spend millions in the donation and fees and they don't want to ruin their carrier just for some more lakhs.

Most of the students after passing out carry aggression and hatred towards medical profession as besides paying huge donation and fees they have learnt nothing but have wasted time in paperwork and in pleasing the teachers with expensive gifts.

The internship students in the medical colleges are a night mare for common man as the patients are not aware about the doctors who are doing the treatment. Patients are just like a dead body for these learning doctors as they experiment their inefficiencies on the patients. The patient comes under the trap of free treatment or discounted treatment and get themselves exploited by intern doctors.

After passing out these students generally have a mindset that they have to get the money back which they invested in the college as they have not learnt anything. Most of the medical students open clinics and start exploiting the public as they want to make money as fast as they can. The level of sympathy and nobility towards public is reduced as they have suffered a lot in their college time.

The people generally get attracted to good ambiance and show-off and approach the 5 star clinics in order to get comfort from their pain. They pay high in order to get relief but end up with long treatment with no results and end up as a shuttle cock that is travelling from clinics to diagnostic center to back to the clinic. The diagnostic center and medicine shops give commission to the doctors for business doctor offer to them by the patients. In this way the medical profession is just like another industry where doctors charge money for their time with no sentiments and emotions.

The profession is noble but the people aren't.

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