Sunday, October 5, 2014

why we use death for our survival?

Its obvious that no one ever wants to see death but still we use this word a lot in many ways. 

Some use it to defend them self , some use it to prove something and the most common use of this word is for excuses. People often give lame excuses of death for their self interest. 

But why we do this?

why people do not feel or realize the severity of the situation?

why this word is used so easily without any hesitation?

The thing is we have came so far that now people do not care and feel anything. The materialistic things are so powerful today that human value is zero. 

We all cry for sometime for our special ones but these materialistic things divert our attention and make us plastic. They are no more counted in the category of needs but now they are unreasonable wants.

Its strange , these non living things like land ,clothes , fame , assets , money are so lucky that people cry for them and we humans are so unlucky that people hit us and back stab us for these things.

Besides knowing the fact that we all will die one day and nobody will carry these assets like money to the graveyard or to the heaven we invest all the life in chasing money and materialistic things and no one knows when they will die but still the battle is on and we keep ourselves engaged in these useless affairs where we keep on attacking people for our unlimited wants , no matter how much evil we are doing to get them.

we all hurt our loved ones for these materialistic things and it feels pathetic when i think about those who are no more and we have offended them for nonliving stuff. we cannot go back and apologize to them as they are not alive.

 Most of us realize the value of the person later on when the person is not present between us and at that moment it feels uncomfortable as we carry the guilt all our life till we are alive.

no matter how much comfort these materialistic things give to us the absence of that special one makes our soul so suffocated that we repent on our past actions. we quest for the way to change the present as the past we left was horrifying.

it still feels so strange to think about the one who is dead and its more strange to compare their existence of past with their absence of present.

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