Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A person who is a lawyer or a doctor or a teacher or of any other profession has his own personal life. we don't have any right to know what he/she does inside their bedrooms. Its a person's choice whether he is comfortable with men or women. We don't ask each and every straight person that how he enjoys sex and what he/she likes in sex? or what they actually do in the bedroom? All these questions are private and are shared between two partners and not in public. Then how can we decide and judge anyone on the basis of their partner's choice? we don't know who is gay and who is lesbian and we cannot predict that. 

You never know if your teacher is a lesbian so why we are against homosexuality? when you cannot predict who is gay and who is straight, how can you discriminate and separate that particular community from public? 

The reality is that homosexuality is not a big issue but has been made a big issue by some negative groups in the society and by some politicians to fetch some votes and duplicate pride.  The politicians and government can easily make a law which will support homosexuality and will give them basic human rights which they deserve but they don't want to work on it. These issues are made more sensitive and more complicated by creating confusion and myths. we all know that maximum percentage of people are uneducated about this and are misguided by different ways.

Considering homosexuality as an issue , in reality is it an issue for families who have homosexual child in that also some families don't count sexuality as an issue. Then who is left..? world? society? neighbors? public? frankly speaking no body has time for it and no body is concerned to change someone's child into heterosexual then why it is projected as an issue of society? and the very issue of converting someone to something does not makes sense when now science has proved that it is not an anomaly, not a psychological disorder and is simply gene linked. Just like some butterflies are grey, some blue and some pink.

The most interesting part is that this so called issue will dissolve the day government decides to make a law that supports homosexuality . Public is not above the law and order and not above the government. Ever since we got independence there are so many laws made and changed and even removed from the system and not a single person had courage to protest against it. we all are common people and we live our life the way it is given to us by our govt.but then people do reserve the right to breathe and love their own way. From inflation to crises to any other phase we adjust ourselves according to it and people will adjust to this change as well but again a law is a must as in this world honesty also demands a certificate.


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