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Why India is hypocrite when it comes to sex?

Why India is hypocrite when it comes to sex?

India the land of Kamasutra is running away from its image of the originator of the art of love. It’s not that people here are sex less. In fact people remain more active and horny thanks to the type of climate and spicy food Indians eat in which most of the spices have the power to energize and activate the sex zones of the body. Although each and every person has sex urge which is normal and biological but sex is ignored in public like it’s some kind of shit which needs to be boycotted , opposite of that India has largest over population scale which shows people do sex a lot .
The level of hypocrisy in terms of sex is so much that no child is given proper sex education in India and even if the subject of sex is added in books it is ignored by teachers as if it is some kind of horror story. The children are left on their own to figure out the sex and its method when they reach puberty. Most of the parents ignore the sex questions and motivate the children to avoid it.
The kamasutra was the ancient book of love making originated in India and it’s a proud thing as no other country has this valuable and unique tale of love but again the level of hypocrisy is so much that very few people have this book and the most beautiful sculptures of khajuraho which shows the tale of love in the form of sculptures are not even maintained and looked.
The country is so hypocrite that most of the people still today live a trapped life in their marriages where most of the partners do not have sex and they are just living together as compromise. They do not carry guts to take divorce as the reason of unsatisfied sexual life will ruin their image in society. Generally Indian woman are forced to kill their sex need as sex need of a woman is a taboo in India. People believe that woman has to be pure like a goddess who is free from sex and its negativity. If any woman express the urge of sex, she is not considered decent.

The hypocrisy of Indian people is so much that most of the poor people in India commits sex related crime like rape and harassment in a large manner and the govt.  and people do not have guts to control that. The most common example of that is the bus gang rape in Delhi which turned out to be a big awakening for sleeping government but surprisingly after the arrest of the culprits there were numerous uncountable gang rapes reported in India which was a tight slap on the government by the culprits who showed their unity in crime. It’s really tough to give punishment to a rapist in India as sexual assault or harassment is not considered a very big crime until and unless intercourse is committed. If any case gets media attention , it may get justice but again by the grace of time the culprits who are rewarded with death penalty are given relaxation later on in the name of life imprisonment as the case becomes old and people look out for new topic in their boring daily lives.

The hypocrisy of Indian people in terms of sex is so much that Indian film industry has all the rights to cross their lines when it comes to selling sex in shape of movies. The sensor board is sleeping and is made just as a show off as watching today’s movies raise questions on the individuality of sensor board.

On one hand sex is considered a very big issue and on the other hand there is no control on Delhi red light area and internet where you can easily browse any type of porn you prefer.

Having sex before marriage is considered a taboo and parents proudly advocate about the innocence and purity of their child , opposite of that most of the young adults experience sex before marriage as killing body need is like killing the starvation of food.

Unlike others India has no time to talk about the topic of homosexuality and no matter which party is ruling everyone is ready to while away the issue like it’s some kind of a useless mess. Indian govt.  and its ministers are not aware of the fact that each year hundreds of people destroy their life and the partner’s life due to the orientation which they are born in. Most of homosexuals get married forcibly and the outcome is destruction which ends up into a divorce or even sometimes as a crime. There is very less percentage of homosexual community and legalizing it will not affect the large majority as there is very few percentage of homosexuals and most of them prefer bachelor hood which is a positive thing as it may serve as a control on the overpopulation but again Indian people ignores the science and encourages the superstition.

The topic of transgender will never be solved in India. People may do transgender roles in comedy shows and in films for entertainment but everyone is heartless when it comes to sympathy and help as nobody wants to think about the hardships these people face every day as they are not considered humans.

India is not a pure country where there is no sex. India and its people have same sex issues, sex crimes, sex life, sex addictions, sex facts and sex myths like any other country then why there are no upgraded laws for sex which can reduce crime and increase alertness with the reduction of myths?

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