Friday, May 9, 2014

What is the meaning of my life?


It’s my birthday and I am complete 25 now and I want to figure out the meaning of my life. Why I am here? What is my existence for? What are my roles? And what are those blanks I am born to fill?
Is it that same ordinary life where everybody does all those hardships and duties in order to gain materialistic success and social status?
Or I am just a medium to carry forward the future generation.
Who am I? What is my identity?
I was again and again pushing my head towards these questions to get a valid answer because I don’t want an ordinary life. I don’t want to live like others and I surely don’t want to be a problematic  for anyone.
I want to create a revolution but am I only born to create a change in others life? Or I am born to improve my life?
I simply don’t understand that why we live our life so ordinarily. We all do what others do. We all get ourselves packed into the social frame work made by some group of people to facilitate them. We all still fight for our caste and our identity without realizing the fact that humanity is the biggest identity one can carry.
Why money is the only planet we want to revolve around?
Why our life cannot become different and unique where we appreciate the nature and do such extra ordinary jobs that the whole world will be curious to know us more.
I am simply tired from this ordinary living where everyone is fighting for survival and killing each other on the basis of caste , sex , status and many more things which we feel are important  than humanity.
Who made these rules and regulations? Are people made for the rules?  Or the rules made for the people?

This world is incredible but still we people waste this one life in common things which all others do. Let’s be different, we can really avail the best of both the worlds just by putting humanity at the first.

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