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What happens when our teachers follow the path of corruption?

What happens when our teachers follow the path of corruption?

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It’s not a new thing to read and it happens in schools and colleges everywhere. No matter how much higher education we are getting , no matter in which school or college we are studying , some of us have been harassed , exploited , tortured and even molested by some members of the faculty. 

The person who harasses us can be any, he/she can be a dean or a head of the department or it can be group of persons involved in the task of harassment due to selfish and shocking reasons.
We feel excited to join the institution or college without knowing the reality of the faculty and their way of working. Some of us are clever enough to get the knowledge from our friends or acquaintances before joining or taking admission but what happens when the same faculty which was considered the most dignified and honourable behaves like an immature greedy dangerous group of monsters?
 What happens when we are continuously punished and ill treated due to unwanted and funny reasons?
Is it our way of talking or our dressing sense or our status which makes them jealous?
Or is it our knowledge and intelligence which hurts their so called ego?
Or is it the human body lust which forces some teachers to motivate others too in the game of harassment?
The Inside committees which deals with the issues of grievance are always silent as the prestige of the college and the control of the respective teacher hampers the impartial judgement. We all know that in most of the cases the student is either forced to follow and obey the unethical demands or is forced to quit as he/she is considered not up to the mark.
Why parents are afraid to understand the voice of the child? Why some action is not taken against the corrupt teachers who target students frequently?
 Why the faculty always protects the culprit teacher?
 Why the teachers believe that the student who got the admission is not worth it?
Why under qualified and incapable teachers are appointed?
It has also been seen that some of our seniors who changed themselves according to the faculty or some who compromised with the demands of the particular teacher wants the juniors to go through the same phase they did and that’s why most of our seniors educates us about the demands of the faculty or the teacher as a form of duty which we are ordered to full fill.
It is such a strange world where student gives high fees and take admission to fulfil the demands of the teachers who are ready in every semester to exploit the student.
Why seniors who faced the harassment want their juniors to face the same?
Under which authority seniors are entitled to threaten and rag the juniors openly? Is it the harassment or the compromise done in the past which gives them the confidence of being in better position? Is the unconditional support to the seniors is due to the compromise they did earlier?
Is education a business? Is there any college or institute which can survive without huge fees and under cover donations? Why besides being looted the students get deprived of the education and skills they were promised?
It has also been seen that girls commonly face the exploitation due to jealousy and  lust of the teacher and boys face the exploitation due to money and vice versa.
The big colleges and their rules and regulations seem hollow and unrealistic. Are institutes and colleges are meant to make money only? Is education not a primary need of the student?
Why students do not take bigger steps against the corrupt teachers? Why they step back? What makes them weak? Is it their insecurity towards the future?
I have written this article to awake the sleeping minds and the students who are facing the harassment everyday. It’s also a reminder to those who are the champions in exploiting and harassing people that the world is with everyone. The almighty is watching the victim as well as the sinner. The sun will eventually shine no matter how much darkness is there.

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