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The life of landlords in India

The life of landlords in India

There is an old say that” FOOLISH BUILD HOUSES AND WISER LIVE THEREIN” and this saying works well in India. 

We are a developing nation and we can learn a lot from developed nations but still we are using old laws and regulations. Watching at today’s scenario, we see corruption everywhere and one of the most common corruption is created by tenants. 

 There are uncountable rental disputes in India and millions of cases are still pending. I am hereby considering tenant as the only villain because they have proved this from centuries. 

The most common rental disputes are when the tenant refuses to vacate the landlord’s property and occupy the property permanently. Property here can be a land or shed or shop or house or flat or floor.

Well this is a most common corrupt attempt but still law and order supports tenant in every way. Tenants have numerous grounds on which they get success and landlord is considered a foolish whose duty is to give shelter to the tenants and wash their dirty laundry.

The most common allegation tenants make in the court room are of bad living environment and demerits of the property they have occupied.  Thinking logically, why they take such a property (house, shop, floor, land) on rent which is under developed or is not up to the standards of the tenant. They can look out for another property but they never do that.

 In fact they behave like they own the property and consider the property as their permanent residence. In these cases most of the time lawyers get the decision in favor of tenants and landlord is forced to pay more amounts on the maintenance or even construction of the building or shop or whatever it is. The landlord’s financial crises are not taken seriously and if the landlord wants his property back for his own need, he has to file a court case to get his property back. 

What kind of law and order is this? A person who has given his property on rent can’t even get his property back just like that? He has to give some solid reason to get his property vacated.  Common it’s his property and it’s his right when he wants to rent it and when not, how can he be deprived from his own thing?

Most of the tenants misuse the landlord’s property by doing damages to the space and the structure and there is no law to control this activity.

The properties which are occupied permanently  by tenants from many years are not less in number. The biggest drawback with this fact is that the tenants are still paying very less amount as rent, sometimes some couple of hundred rupees but the property value in today’s scenarios is in crores . The property tax raised by the govt.  is in lakhs which the landlord pays and the rent landlord gets is in hundreds. 

Moreover if the landlord tries to raise the amount of the rent again he has to knock the door of court and again there is no hope to get justice easily as a normal rental dispute case takes 10 to 20 years to solve and even after a favorable judgement the landlord has to pay extra amount to the police to get his property vacated as the stubborn corrupt tenants are always ready for every corruption.

In many cases the tenants has owned many shops and still they never vacate the shop they have taken on rent , their main intention is to force the landlord to sell the shop to tenant at cheap rates or get handsome amount if the landlord wants the property vacated.
The open blackmailing of old tenants for lakhs and sometimes crore cannot be controlled or prevented as there is no law in favor of landlord.

This corruption by tenants is on such a large scale that many people have made a profession in this field. Most of the builders purchase these rent disputed properties in very cheap rates from landlords and then get the property vacated by man force.

The one who is a sufferer at the end of the day is landlord as he has to go through long pending court cases, harassment, no money or very small amount of rent, he is the one who is forced to sell his property in loss or has to pay handsome money to the tenants to get the property vacated.

Most of the people today don’t prefer to give their premises or offices or shops on rent as they know that the landlords are not considered the citizen of the country India.

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