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Why desperate girls are labeled as sluts? And sex addict guys as Casanova? (Must Read)

Why desperate girls are labeled as sluts? And sex addict guys as Casanova? (Must Read)

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This world is unique and we humans are fully responsible for its complex nature.  The complex nature we notice in the atmosphere also lies in between the relationships of couples and especially when we talk about heterosexual relationships, everything works with a purpose. Apart from marriage there are lot of things men and woman do. Yes I am talking about sex. Well it becomes really hard to control the sexual urges and desires especially when every corner and direction provokes us to fuck. From movies to intimate songs to sexy ads to explicit content on net to actual visibility of opposite sex around us in day to day environment, all these factors provoke us to do lot of sex.

We always blame men and there intentions and consider men as the most hyper active villain who is responsible for every type of sexual assault and exploitation but this is not at all a complete side of story. When two people meet and engage in sexual encounters, they accept each other physically but this does not guarantee emotional acceptance. The biggest problem with today’s generation is that they consider physical looks at the priority without giving any single consideration to nature, behavior and upbringing but this is not the only reason of heart breaks and break ups. The reason which highlights the chances of breakups is wrong intentions and money showoff.

Most of the relations are fake as they are based on the foundation of money or favor or just sex. It’s almost impossible to find true love as the reason behind having a girlfriend or boyfriend is not to get true love but surely to get good fuck buddy. We never label it, as labeling makes us realize how cheap we people are.

Most of us have multiple sex partners which are categorized under a same label of girl friend or boyfriend and this activity makes us busy on phone madly as from one fuck buddy to another we are just hanging like anything. We betray our parents by violating their trust, we betray our girlfriend /boyfriend as according to us they are just a fuck buddy but the biggest drawback of these sexual encounters is that it affects woman negatively rather than man.

No matter you believe it or not, a man who dates 100 girls is labeled as Casanova which is surely a quality or you can say an art of seduction but a woman dating 10 guys is labeled as a slut. Issues of negative reputation , risk of pregnancy and other sexual assaults affect woman but on the other hand  man are free from every type of risk , they generally don’t get any negative reputation and guess what no chance of pregnancy , in fact there private part will become better with every shot and surely a woman cannot rape a man. No matter how many times a girl says it’s a dress not yes, the wrong intentions cannot be changed. The woman needs to be self alert and has to choose the right alternative as depending on the law and order for justice is a hilarious attempt as we all are fully alert about our countries current position.

The wrong intentions are of many types favored and used by both the genders in this sex game. For guys you can say they need sex and this is their wrong intention but when it comes to woman, most of them hire a boyfriend for monetary gains and materialistic things, the most common like cell phones or expensive clothes. Surprisingly they consider these monetary and materialistic favors as their birth right as they are tagged in the girlfriends column of there lovely boyfriend. Seeing from guys point of view they never consider there girlfriend as a wife as most of them consider a woman who sleeps with a guy before marriage as a slut, they have this intention that when she can sleep with me, she can sleep with anyone and that’s why she does not deserve to be the future wife. Second thing which destroys the self respect and image of woman is there materialistic demands. No matter how easily a guy full fills the materialistic needs of his girlfriend but sooner or later he will count her in the category of slut as prostitutes charge money for sex and girl friends charge expensive things which obviously comes from money. The authenticity of this reason can be noticed in the cat and dog fight of couples. When they go through the process of breakup, they count every favor and item which they invested in there relation including money, materialistic things and sex off course.

A young woman should only demand things from their guardian or from their husband as they are truly responsible and accountable to her but a boyfriend who does not have any approved relation and is not committed by any law and order or any marriage ceremony is nothing but a friend with benefits. But this fact cannot be realized easily; the concept of true love is very far from young couple minds as true love only looks good in movies and books.

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