Wednesday, June 12, 2013

who considers sex at priority? and why we compromise sex for money? ( Must Read)

who considers sex at priority? and why we compromise sex for money? ( Must Read)

Every child male or female has sexual needs and it’s a very obvious and common thing we all know.  We believe it or not we notice and feel attraction towards opposite sex or same sex at the time of puberty. Well guys have the biggest benefit of being a guy, they just explore there private parts without hesitation and till the age of adolescence, they get good experience of sex and they feel sexually satisfied in every way, this experience is a general experience of more than 90% straight guys, there are very few who remain innocent and some are homosexuals so they don’t get much outdoor ways to explore there inner desires. But talking about girls things are very different for them, they cannot explore their desires so easily and openly.

 Gender is the most powerful identity that separates and distinguishes a man from a woman and this difference is rightly understood by illiterate and poor people in India. They very well know the roles of the genders and the limits and liabilities and that’s why they engage and transform there coming generation into respective roles which creates a well balanced atmosphere. This balance is in a very simple form which advocates that man and woman should get married at earlier age and woman should do household work only and man should go out and earn the bread. Well thinking from urbanized and modern view this concept may look outdated and obsolete but it has uncountable benefits. Well I am not advocating early marriage here but the most influential and powerful benefit of marrying in young age is fulfillment of sexual desires. The guy’s report card does not matter but the girl always needs to be clean and clear in every way. Even in the most modern sectors we have all the new people with old thinking and expectations, there conservative mindset compels them to demand a clean and clear girl for their most corrupt son. Early marriage prevents chances of getting ruined and back stabbed, a common thing which happens in love affairs. The second thing is protection and a good environment which is a gift to household woman as they do not have to face the tough and greedy environment to earn bread but the question is who cares about these benefits of early marriage. Today in urban India the trend is so much changed that pregnancy, abortions, love affairs, assault, exploitation are the most common things young woman face before their marriage and man who should work hard and earn bread feels helpless in earning bread, there guts force them to marry a consummated girl who is allowed to sleep with their boss but must bring a descent amount at home.

But why money is so much considered on priority in high class sectors that it fades the importance of respect and dignity. The reason behind this is materialistic lust which undoubtedly dominates the sex need. Most of the modern guys of metropolitan sector understand the fact that sex is just a feeling, a way to satisfy the body needs which last for some minutes only and which does not mean anything. They believe that there love and lust are different things. They are not emotionally connected to there fuck buddies so it’s not a crime to have extra marital affair and this thinking further advocates them to accept girls who had uncountable boyfriends. The young carrier oriented man understands the importance of money, they need status and that too very quickly, they don’t want to invest their whole life in working and waiting, they need results and we all know that wining a battle matters not the method applied.

Surprisingly a poor man has greater need of money than a high class man and the poor off course knows the real importance of money but still he values dignity and respect more than money .

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