Sunday, June 23, 2013

My online life (must read)

My online life (must read)

“Yes I am busy let me do my own stuff; please don’t interfere in my work. I have my own life. Yes! It’s my online life.”

This is a common line parents listen from there melodious children when they try to disturb them while they are surfing any social networking site. Generally, every social networking site has same elements and features which are highly addictive and catchy. From adding unlimited friends to frequent commenting, poking and tagging, it’s all about this only. Surprisingly we consider our self pretty modern as we are availing internet services and getting connected to millions in seconds. We utilize our maximum time in adding people randomly and most of us are online because of our school or college mates or work mates but how much we interact to them online on daily basis?

 I guess very less as some are available and some not and in case we want to have a quick talk, we consider chat option which ultimately convert our 10 minutes talking into half an hour conversation. Well it’s not about utilizing time for right thing or wasting time online, it’s much more than that and that much more is pretty awful.

The biggest problem arises when we add random people and we feel attracted to them, it’s an obvious thing that opposites attract and no matter you believe it or not social networking sites are the biggest dating sites in reality. You just see any profile and you feel attracted or carried away , you simple poke them or add them and that’s it but its not compulsory for them to entertain us and reply us back as everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

 Another most funny thing which is quite popular today on social networking site is following the influential like herds, people surprisingly kick their egos and self esteem and follow the arrogant famous entities that got some big bunch of followers because of their position or body. The herds or you can say mad followers like and comment on every post of the Mr. Perfect profile and some get replies and some don’t but still without wasting a single chance or any single post they worship these perfect profiles like they are worshiping any almighty.

Frankly speaking it’s best to add those who acknowledge you and your efforts, no matter the number of friends will be less but the impact will be great. Adding stupid people randomly who are obsessed with themselves is the biggest mistake people do , looks matter but not at the cost of your self respect as getting nothing but ignorance from the person you like is nothing but a violation of your esteem and respect. So consider those who consider you as no matter how much social networking site you browse, you will not become a millionaire.

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