Friday, April 12, 2013

Why gay men knowingly take risk in sex?

Why gay men knowingly take risk in sex?

Obviously being gay is a taboo and I have talked about it in my previous articles but the thing which makes it more complicated and horrible is the tendency to take risk in sex. Sex is never safe and when we talk about gay sex, it’s really more complicated and questionable in every sense. Despite endless limitations and boundaries gay men in India enjoy a perfect sex life with full satisfaction and unlimited alternative guys. Thanks, to the pornography and gay dating sites which transformed the boring taboo life of gay man. It’s not bad to make love to men as they are attracted to man only but pushing boundaries to a higher level is a serious evil. Although unnatural sex has been since history and it is performed with men as well as woman but its consequences are getting nasty with every new era.

The term unnatural makes it complicated from the word itself as it says that it’s against nature. Although some say that being gay is against nature too but recent studies have proved that being gay is a nature’s decision and not a human choice but when it comes to sex why gay men prefer which they really don’t like?

Most of the gay men don’t like anal sex with an obvious reason it’s very painful. Well pain can be handled and tolerated but the fear of getting caught by HIV is something which makes things worse and scary but still a good majority of gay men are getting themselves fucked and some other good majority is fucking gay men with there so called birth right but the question which comes in my mind is that why gay men don’t say no to anal sex when they know that its painful and contagious? What makes them motivated towards this troublesome fun?

Well the gay world has some different rules when it comes to sex. The guys who fuck are called as top and the guys who get fucked are called as bottom. Well it’s like deciding there roles in bed and the one who enjoys both are called versatile. The gay men who are top generally consider themselves superior than gays who are bottom and the demand for gay men who are top is more than the demand of bottoms. The reason behind this fact is top gay men are considered more manly and hard than bottom gay men and hence the demand is high.

The entry of bisexual man in gay communities makes things more complicated and demanding as most of the bisexual man enjoy fucking and consider anal sex as the priority. They only do sex on one condition and that is they will fuck no matter the gay men like it or not. But why gay men get themselves treated like slaves in bed? Why they are so dependent on top gay men to get themselves satisfied? Well there are different reasons and answers of these questions.

Anal sex which can lead them to early grave is welcomed without hesitation. Most of the gay men are lonely and depressed and they are fully dependent on there fuck buddies and friends. They consider there casual sex lovers and fuck buddies as there destiny and most of them lack aim and goals in life as they are tortured every day by family and society. Although anal sex gives pleasure too but the cost of pleasure is seriously very high.

Most of them are not optimistic but are passing time with the dependency on sex. One more reason behind this fact is lack of knowledge and alertness among gay men. The issue of homosexuality is never discussed in open and is considered a big taboo and expecting the knowledge about anal sex in books is seriously like expecting moon on the terrace. The sex education is seriously underdeveloped in India and its stupidity to expect openness and knowledge about gay issue in India.

The rectum which is meant to excrete stool is not designed to get something inserted inside but as well all know everything is fare in love and war.

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