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The Fear Of discovery among gay men in India

The Fear Of discovery among gay men in India

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Now they are easily recognized and unbelievably admired in some communities. From film cities to casting couch they are famous and respected as there identity and hard work speaks and rules the Indian film industry. No matter how much straight you are and no matter how much you hate the concept of being gay, sooner or later you will be friends with some gays as its all about networking in the bloody film world. well its such a unique thing that some of the very famous entities belong to homosexual community and there work and post dominates effectively, there power and glamour vanishes the taboo of being gay as people are dependent on money and the powerful people but the most important twist which can affect the confidence of these famous homosexual people is the fear of discovery. Although it’s a known fact that they are homosexual but still the reality remains blur and unreal as different allegations and misconceptions are raised from time to time which creates a very confusing atmosphere which is highly unpredictable about there real identity.

Being homosexual and admitting the same in public is a very tough task and can lead to uncertain and dangerous consequences as many insane straight people need reason to poke and exploit. But is that the only reason for being in closet for so long. It’s such a taboo to see that these homosexuals have to live a trapped life away from freedom in the freely independent country.

The fear of discovery is so high that they are bound and compelled to even hide there faces by masks in there own gay pride parades. The most funny questions which comes in the viewers mind is that what kind of pride is this when they cannot even face the world openly with there real identity.

Well being gay is normal as the science is the real and most powerful evidence which advocates about the reasons of there existence. Today the world knows it but still most of the gay men are not proud of being gay. They find this situation very pathetic and scary as they only see this as an awful dream. From doctors to saints they follow  whatever they could to correct themselves and on the same hand they enjoy the privilege of sex with the same sex as they cannot control there urge which is common and justified. Most of the gay men and straight people forget that being gay is not a choice; they are designed to love same sex. Nothing can change it, you cannot listen by your nose and you cannot smell by your ear and if some how you try to change this process you will end up being a foolish. In the same manner the orientation is decided inside the womb which is a decision of nature not the human being monopoly.

The biggest drawback which is killing the reality and respect and existence of gay men is there own community. The fear of discovery can be considered justified in case of straight community but the reality is funny and horrible at the same time. Most of the gay men are not disclosed to there own community. They pose as straight or bisexual to other gay men in order to remain superior and in order to protect themselves from any risk of being caught and those who reveal themselves as gay to there community do not reveal there real names and identity. They admit they are gay but with fake name, fake place and everything fake which prevents there identity and there existence to greater level. Well it does not affect there sex life as more than 90% of gay men are not concerned with reality and identity , for them no strings attached fun is a better option . The key to survival is openness and boldness with courage and pride, the fear of discovery among gay men proves that the homosexuals do not respect there own community, so how can they expect acceptance from outer world?

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