Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How can you become rich in reality?

How can you become rich in reality?

Well this article is a center of attraction for everyone as there is no human in this world who hates money. Anyways let’s start this wonderful process of earning loads of money. Well I am not selling any lottery here and I am not telling you any shortcut way of tricks or games to earn money here. This process needs patience and motivation but it surely works.

Money has been the most important need and want for everyone and no matter how much we deny this valuable fact, money is the only medium by which we can live our life smoothly. As money is the main priority for running our daily lives its impact is also dramatic and dangerous.

The most important things we forget while earning our daily living is that every other person thinks like us. No matter how much different we are from other person we all have same desires and liking's in terms of money. The level of desires may be distinct but the intentions of spending are almost same.

Everyone desires for luxury but every one's priority is responsibility and debts. No matter how much powerful or powerless we are, we all desire for a smooth trouble free life. We all wish to enjoy a life full of peace and harmony. We all want to live a trouble free life but in the phase of competition we forget the art of making our life the perfect life.

Well this life is precious; you never know what happens next, so being stubborn or angry will not solve our problems. The biggest thing is we engage ourselves into the most useless competition and that is the competition with our friends, neighbors and relatives. Yes it’s the most useless, time wasting activity we do entire life in order to prove our status higher than these people which does not prove anything at the end of the day.

The biggest problem is comparison, comparison for no reason. This comparison and competition provokes us to convert our want into need and this misconception creates difficulty in our normal life. We feel low, we feel less than perfect and we surely feel inferior which does not prove anything in anyway. No matter how much lavishly we spend our money, we will face everything by our own. From our troubles to our debts to our worries, we will be surely responsible for our own actions as no relative and no friend will prove helpful in our bad times.

The over spending and careless spending makes us short of funds and our urge to show more does not make us realize the mistakes we are doing while dealing with money. Money is not favorable to anyone. Money is dangerous if noticed by wrong people. Some of us also have tendency to show extra large but in reality we are extra small. Well spending beyond our capacity will not only put us in trouble but will also ignite some negative elements who are surrounded by us in shape of friends or acquaintances or work mates and even servants.

Money provokes everything and it has the power to turn a saint into the devil. It’s really important to use it wisely as money will never extinct but our one mistake may put our name is history.

The right spending and careful use will defiantly prove beneficial, it’s a long process and you can surely try this for 6 months or may be a year and you will surely notice the difference.

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