Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why your parents should not spank and slap you?

Why your parents should not spank and slap you?

We always blame the upbringing of the people who commit crimes. We have thousands of reasons to justify there criminal tendency. There has been many cases like disturbed childhood , criminal background , molestation in childhood , poverty , lack of resources , mental and verbal torture which makes an innocent person a well qualified heartless criminal. It has also been noticed that people who choose there profession as crime have been unhappy with there lives. They are so negative in there ideology and thinking that the whole world seems like an enemy to them. They are short tempered and stubborn, they sing there own songs and they hate people. It has also been seen the more criminal and dangerous they become, the more attracted they are towards sex. Sex has always been linked with danger as danger creates intimacy. But talking about the criminals, the question which strikes my mind all the time is from where this criminal tendency evolves? Who is actually responsible for the crime? Who converts the innocent into culprit?

Well no body has the true answers as there are many things which work wonders in making a perfect criminal.

Our childhood is the only time we learn so many things, from good to bad from nice to dirty. Whatever comes our way we just grab it without noticing the pros and cons of the actions. We know as a child our parents are there to protect us from every type of problem and difficulty. We trust our guardians and we depend on them. Besides being powerless we feel powerful under our parent’s security and affection.

No matter how much good we have been brought up but some things really aren’t good and justified which are not considered bad by some parents. Most of the parents considered spanking and slap as there parental right. They do not consider there this habit as violence or any form of crime. For them it’s a good step to discipline the child. Frequent spanking and slaps do not give any guarantee of a disciplined child as these practices affects the mental stability of the child. The child lose interest and trust in there parents and this is the most dangerous thing which motivates the psychology of child towards violence and hatred. The children who are spanked and slapped on frequent times also suffer from verbal abuse and moral abuse. The verbal abuse has the power to even kill someone. The most common kind of verbal abuse is done through hatred speeches, bad and inhuman remarks and comments on someone’s identity and when parents do this to there own child, the children feel lost and trapped.

The over stressed parents clear out there work aggression on there children, they feel the sense of victory by hitting there child as they can’t express there anger by physical abuse to there boss or colleagues or friends. Children looks powerless and dependent and they actually are which motivates the parents to consider there children as stress buster equipments.

Moreover these parents also advocate the spanking and slap practices in schools which create a situation of war and revolt among children’s mind.

The child feels helpless as there is no way to go. There can be reasons when you don’t like the actions and behavior of your child but without understanding the situation taking immediate action in shape of physical abuse will not solve the problems.

The society where every one is running towards the goal of success, it’s really hard to achieve the peace inside homes and heart. We all compare our children with others , we all want to see the perfection and results but parents forget one thing are they perfect too? They should try to remember there childhood and should also realize there mistakes as humans are humans first and a machine second.

Every child is not same and every one has there own talent and qualities, pushing someone to do something which the person is not comfortable into is simply like forcing a cricketer to become a singer. This fast and complicated world prevents parents from supporting there child in his/her dream profession. They torture there children to get good marks and follow the race like other common folks. The world is changing, every thing is changing and things which were not considered existed are ruling today.

Children are influenced by there environment, society and friends. Wrong company of friends and too much work load and stress lead to a tendency to adopt short cuts. These children in order to complete there task do unethical activities, from begging to stealing to hitting, every possible act which can make there work done.

We are discovering new generation, we want soldiers not criminals, we want love not hatred, we desire intimacy not assault, and we look for humans not animals.

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