Tuesday, December 4, 2012

why everybody is of same religion when its a question of money ?

Every one is doing corruption. From small to large scale operations people enjoy corruption. The most surprising thing about corruption is that most of the people do not even realize that they are committing corruption. They label there negative corrupt activities as there business sense and profit making strategy. Although the main rule of every business is to make profit but making profit at the cost of human blood is seriously evil and inhuman. No matter how much popular or rich you are, you will be defined as evil by the victim and the society. No matter how much achievements you have gained, you cannot erase your crimes from your life.

Its not that the culprits do not realize there crime, They very well know about there activities, they know that they are lying, they know they are creating fraud, they know they are going against morals and law, they know what they are doing is unethical and inhuman but still they ignore everything and state themselves as the loyal and honest person.

The culprits get punished and the innocent is rescued, all these self satisfying lines look good in childhood tales and books. In reality there are very less cases where the culprits are punished for there sins.

Well some people live on one rule and that is they are born to fetch money by one way or the other, they are cold and hard, they do not get affected by human sentiments and emotions, they can kill anyone, they can commit the most awful things to fetch money, they can even rape and steal the money from a dead body. No matter how much urbanized we are, the level of corruption and crime is not decreased, it’s increasing and it’s the high tide.

The people who are crazy for the word money are the most dangerous ones, besides there awful acts, they create artificial circumstances to fetch money. They beg, borrow and steal and when they do not get satisfied with this, they play the dirtiest games for money. Yes they play with emotions, they play with human values, they give physical abuse and they don’t care about there consequences.

The law and order and police is purchased every second by money, there credibility and accountability is not impartial as there lives are also influenced by money. The lenient behavior of law and order and police for the sake of money gives courage to culprits to commit crimes as they know that there only way out from there crime is money. Money protects them, saves them from getting punished as people worship money before god. Money is the most favorite commodity of everyone but it feels sick when humans kill other humans verbally, emotionally and physically for that one piece of paper.

Everyone says that money is a waste, it’s dirt of our hands but who believes it?

People say that one day we will die, then why to create violence for money? But still the rate of violence is on high scale.

No one can take money with them after dying but still people die for money.

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