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How gay men live their married life with their straight wife’s?

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It’s basically an unusual marriage. Its unique and the most diverse one. It’s especially not a happy marriage but a forced one. Parents usually wonder why their mature adult son says " no " to marriage?

Why he always have excuses when it comes to marriage?

 And why he does not bring his girlfriend home? 

Well the gay guys look very innocent and genuine to their families as they are not like regular straight guys. Their families do not hear and notice the complaints from neighbors for teasing their daughters , they do not get themselves carried away in guys fight , they do not do much of a wild stuff that straight guys do in their life. Well they are like cow, you can say like a well obedient daughter who takes care of the home and family. Well this does not mean that gay men are feminine or girlish but this trait of innocence and responsible behavior encourages parents and relatives to arrange a good match for their ideal son.

Marriage is a dream for parents and in case of only son; things become really pushy and forceful. Well gay men often linger on the things and divert them in busy affairs but sooner or later they had to face the reality. Most of them come out and shock their family and the world but some remain silent and afraid and leave everything in gods hand. Well from the day parents look out for perfect girl for their son to the day they get married, they usually remain in constant tension with smile. They only wonder about one thing and that is sex.

Sex is the most critical issue which affects their relationship. Well they cannot change themselves and as they are created to love same sex and this creation is by nature, it’s not a man made concept, they cannot adjust themselves to their opposite sex partner. The issue of sex makes them weak from head to toe. The wedding night is like a prison in hell for them and they just wonder what to do? The only solution they get is ignorance. The bitter reality is that they can ignore for one night but ignoring sex every night will surely raise the doubt. The woman loves to get fucked but when there is no fuck, things become really serious and dangerous for guy’s health.

The out comes are horrible, the unconsummated woman often files for divorce and leave their gay husband immediately but the twist is still not disclosed here. The biggest problem is of lack of knowledge and advancement. Most woman consider their gay husbands as impotent and look out for reasons and remedies to cure the impotency of their husband. Well they waste most of their months and years in adjusting as they think that their husband is ill and he needs help and support. Things become worse when gay men put wrong allegations on their wife’s to protect their own self respect and identity. They consider their wife as a corrupt slut, they criticize her and blame her for the entire situation which makes things complicated and tough in the process of divorce.

The process of divorce is seriously dramatic and disastrous as their are shot of allegations by both the parties and it’s really not easy to take divorce easily. The process is lengthy and painful and the settlement on money also creates hatred.

Well this procedure may affect the life of both the parties but the woman is the only sufferer in the whole marriage game. The gay men off course is on higher level as he gets freedom of independence from divorce but the unconsumed woman has to sacrifice and adjust her life as a second class citizen. She has to face allegations as well as sarcastic remarks from family and relatives, besides being the victim she has to live her life either alone or with any divorcee or widower.

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