Saturday, December 8, 2012

How can things be changed for common man in india?

How can things be changed for common man?

The common man seems common but there power and there presence is not so common. The common man has limited needs and unlimited wants, he may be optimistic, he may be opportunistic and he may be self centered but a common man will remain common and unstable if he is powerless. Things don’t work out easily for common people. Life seems so unfair and demanding to us as we all go through the same phase. We notice the same difficulties which are mainly concerned with earning and lifestyle.

Our life is decided every 5 years, with every election our life changes technically as well as physically, no matter we believe it or not but the kind of life we are availing is because of the leaders we pointed to run our nation. As we all know that things are complicated and it’s not easy to live easily in real world but things can be changed and can be favorable if our political leaders want them to be.

There are so much diversity in the ideology and mindset of different political leaders at different times that the right decisions for the country are always disturbed and challenged for personal vote bank.

Today no one is concerned for anyone, even the relatives act plastic and selfish then how can we expect love and care from our political leaders? Well the reality is known to everyone and we all complain but at the end of the day we end up with nothing except criticism and frustration.

There are so many things the political leaders can do for us and it will change our life so dramatically that we will enjoy living. Today we are crying and passing our time with some little bit hope for the good. This hope is only attached to our personal efforts as our expectations has always challenged and broken.

The ministers are loaded with policies and rules which can transform your life within a year, it can change you from poor to rich, it can create awareness, it can remove illiteracy but are things really happening towards our welfare? Well every one has different thinking and judgment on the works of our political leaders.

Things can be changed to such an extent that every poor will get work. From manufacturing units to trading enterprises, from service providing companies to physical labor investment, everything can be opened in less developed rural areas which will provide vacancy and independence.

Things can be changed to so much extent that we will not get maids for our house as poor people’s lifestyle will be converted into working independent community which has respect as well as money.

The policies made by the political leaders and the government create a phase where the rich is becoming richer and the poor is becoming poorer and to over come this bridge of poverty, the people choose corruption.

It’s a known fact that the leaders have to become loyal to there profession and have to make partial decisions which will foster the interest of common people not a particular community.

Unluckily that phase will not come easily as the leaders feel bound to provide favors to specific communities and rich businessman. These favors may look small but there impacts are greater then life.

The reserved get the chance besides being incompetent and the deserving candidate is rejected on the basis of money. The leaders we get are appointed on the basis of there money and there investment at the time of elections and not on the basis of there caliber and education. There is no department which can question the working of the political leaders. It seems so unfair when some uneducated criminals rule our nation.

The demerits are endless and every page and ink of this world will be less while writing the corruption tales of our ministers. Things will not change and we can never erase corruption as its all about inner self. The day we will feel shame in looking at ourselves in front of the mirror, that day will create an urge to become good.

The life of common man will be changed if he change himself completely and work towards the path of honesty and loyalty. Everyone is common in the eyes of god, from ministers to actors to businessman to criminals to every one but we all act uncommon and political due to our different influential posts and backgrounds. We get ourselves carried away by money and that’s the point which changes our life negatively.

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