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Do same sex marriages have any future in India?

Do same sex marriages have any future in India?

The concept of homosexuality is already under pressure and doubts in India. Talking about same sex marriages seems like discovering a sea horse in the jungle. Well the concept is over controversial and it’s really tough to imagine the concept of same sex marriages in India. Indian people are urbanized but on the same hand are very much conservative. The country where government is established on the basis of religion and caste the advocacy of same sex marriage seems very different and unusual. Indian people can digest the concept of homosexuality in fun manner mainly in the forms of jokes and entertainment but accepting the same concept in reality still seems doubtful.

There is no provision and no rules and regulations made in favor of the homosexual community. The rule and law for marriage is a very big step as the whole concept demands openness and broad minded thinking.

Although marriage is the equal right of every citizen and marriage gives a new out look to the life. We all wish and desire to live our life with our lover and the process which provides this facility is marriage which not only promotes a better life but also guarantees commitment.

The homosexual community is not fully understood by people. Although most of the homosexuals hate this labeling concept as it’s an individual choice to choose there partner especially when every body is earning there own bread but people are judgmental and it’s a human tendency to judge others so the homosexual community and its people cannot save themselves from labeling and remarks.

The acceptance and understanding comes with education and India has the highest illiteracy rate which not only creates a doubtful approach but also mismanagement among people’s view point and beliefs. The country where myth rules the reality, homosexuals do not expect a bright future.

Now talking more about this same sex marriage concept, the proposal is not at all wrong. Although it’s a bit fast decision as the country and its people will take time in understanding the whole concept. The same sex marriage will defiantly help the gay community as homosexuals are already controversial with there fast sex life. The marriage proposal will defiantly give them stability and time to think more about love and commitment rather than sex. The homosexual community is already blamed on high scale for spreading sexually transmitted disease as most of the gay guys have multiple partners and anal sex liking's.

The marriage will defiantly bind them and will prevent there countless affairs and one night stands. It’s a non ignorable fact that gays cannot marry with Hindu rituals and customs but a legalized marriage by law on papers can exist.

This concept will not be accepted easily as people cannot imagine this change in there society but it’s a beneficial step for the prevention and cure of crimes and diseases. Most of the homosexual guys are ill-treated and raped by other gay and bi guys and there is no law and order made in there favor to protect there rights.

Looking at the bigger picture, the homosexuals are tortured every second for marriage and corrective rape by there families and relatives. They cannot file a police complaint against the physical abuse and domestic violence conducted by there own family members and friends.

The marriage proposal gives them the right to choose there partner without the pressure of the family. As most of the homosexuals will adopt this marriage proposal, there would be decrease in the cases of suicide rates and violence. The homosexuals are not sinners and in fact are a blessing to the over populated country as most of them do not include any plans of children in there dictionary.

Again the issue is debatable as every one has there own view point. The question still lies straight as the answers lie in ones own ideology.

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