Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why FDI is crucial for India?

Why FDI is crucial for India?

FDI is one of the most discussed topic in 2012 in India. The current political party of 2012 considers this as the best option to cover there undesirable and uncountable scams. Although FDI was a debatable asset as different parties have different opinions and suggestions about this issue. Some considers it for the welfare of the country but some counts it as the threat to Indian population and there working. As FDI is coming in retail sector, it will not provide happiness to Indian retailers. The issue of FDI is very strong and controversial and millions of Indian retailers expressed there anger through revolt and strike but nothing was done in there favor but again the billion dollar question is why FDI is crucial for India?

Well FDI may snatch the jobs of thousands of Indian retailers but it will defiantly give better alternatives and choices to Indian population. The biggest corruption in India is still not disclosed, although it has been in progress since many years. Adulteration is another form of corruption which is eating Indian population. From pesticides to harmful chemical mixtures, Indians consume everything. Most of the food items in India are harmfully adulterated and there is no decrease in there ratio or quantity. The quality and quantity of food items is degrading and the price is increasing. Although Indians have many alternatives as there are wide variety of brands available in the market but still there is no evidence and support which provides guarantee of there purity. Its a fact that most of the products have different uses and every product is differentiated by its quality and specification but still the people are helpless when it comes to purity. The brands which exhibit themselves as pure are expensive and the brands which lack publicity and media attention are considered ordinary. The biggest problem with Indian people is that they consider a brand as a brand only if they watch it on there television. The advertising world is responsible for the misguiding ads as there main aim is to fetch customers for the brands they are working with.

People are innocent and busy in there personal affair to so much extent that most of them do not  even read the labels of there products. They are in such a hurry that they just buy it. Although they do read it when the price is high but Purity is not the hallmark of expensive products and inexpensive products may not be completely adulterated. Well people are not alert in India as everything is fast and mess with the slogan of cheap and good.

FDI in retail sector may bring opportunity for people as people will get chance to experience new things. There can be a control on adulteration as FDI in retail sector will increase the competition to very high extent. People’s expectations will be raised to highest level and they may get products which are pure and hygienic.

Well trusting FDI completely may not be a good idea as money is the root cause of corruption. Moreover the expectation level becomes overwhelming in case of foreign investment. The FDI looks like a best development scheme and it may open lot of doors but when it comes to money and economic and social development, things might be different and dramatic.

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