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Why dowry is demanded by the groom’s family?

Why dowry is demanded by the groom’s family?

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Marriages in India are like an event, the fresh construction of every materialistic thing makes a marriage an event which is seriously very expensive and unbelievable. From big posh wedding gardens to beautiful flower arrangements, from delicious countless cuisines to unlimited sparkling lights and fireworks, everything looks like a fairy tale. 

The bride is obviously the diva, the most beautiful woman of the night shining with sparkling bridal dress and decorated with exquisite mouthwatering ornaments and precious and semi precious jewels. Well for a brides father the preparation starts from the day the girl is born. It’s a fact that girl and boy are raised differently in India, there upbringing has unique differences.

The girls in India are taught to sacrifice in every way, they are always considered below the male child of the family. No matter how much smart the girl is, she has to act dumb in front of her husband as the ego of the man is bigger than his love.

The double standard of Indian mentality lies in the fact that on one hand the goddess are worshiped by giving expensive donations and ornaments in temples by big entities and on other hand the girl they seek for their beloved boy has to bring loads of money and ornaments in dowry.

The bride’s father always feels helpless and insecure as you never know about the demands of the groom’s family. No matter how much rich the groom and his family is, they will demand for money as well as expensive gifts shamelessly. They never consider the hard work of the bride’s family and every preparation is considered less as the expectation level of the groom’s family is very high in general. It’s a normal affair in India.

But the biggest interesting question coming here is that dowry is illegal in India and there are tough rules and regulations which imply on both the parties. Besides this fact brides family is bound to give dowry. Why? Well there is no clear answer to this question as dowry is considered a birth right by groom’s families. Most of them do not have guts to earn money and marriage is the only option they seek for fetching easy money with expensive gifts. It’s a fact that there are 90 % cases where dowry is demanded shamelessly and forcibly and the drawback lies in the fact that millions of women are killed brutally because of this dowry tradition.

Well the law and order is weak and there is no immediate action in these cases which gives chances to the groom and their family to play with the feelings of the bride and her family.

Well greed and lust are the two evil expressions which are practiced by people widely. Most of the brides live a life of servants in their husbands house just because of dowry. The worst part is that most of them torture their wife even after taking dowry as their expectation level is very high.

This incurable lust and greed shows the impotency of Indian men who enjoy their wife’s income and feel delighted by the very fact. The woman who leaves her parents and family is never acknowledged but considered a loyal servant. The woman serves her husband and his parents, she raises the children and the family but still never acknowledged as the goddess. 

Although there are also cases where boy's family is taken to court in dowry cases and most of the families and girls has got the justice they seek but again things are very complicated as there are also cases where woman put false allegations of dowry on the boy's family due to negative intentions. 

well dowry is n interesting subject in India and will remain the topic of center which puts its impact greatly on people and their thinking and upbringing but again there is no clear outlook which can change the whole identity of dowry.

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