Saturday, November 17, 2012

why glamour & publicity is crucial for our lifestyle?

It’s all about publicity, its all about fame and it’s all about glamour. We really have came so far , from our basic materialistic needs we have diverted our self to a complicated need and want atmosphere were our existence and our individuality matters so much that we cannot tolerate ignorance. We are spending millions and billions for that one big episode which will highlight our presence in the whole world. We won’t care about the fee structure of our PR person and we never hesitate in paying the monthly bills of our media groups who constantly exhibit us as almighty. Well its all about ultimate publicity.

But why this publicity is crucial ?

We should be satisfied with our basic needs which we achieve in our course of life but still why publicity and glamour becomes so crucial for us that we cannot live without it?

Why we feel less important and powerless without fame and publicity?

Why we constantly want to be a topic of interests and discussion?

Well everything is becoming commercial and there are wide varieties of brands. We have become so commercial that our life is not simple and like other non living things we also want to be exhibited like brands with promotions and endorsements.

But again if you are satisfied with what you got then why you urge for more?

 Why you want to publicize your personal life?

Why you enjoy washing your dirty laundry in public?

 Well the answer is simple yet complicated. Today everything is all about showbiz. The people who are in limelight are treated as role models no matter how worse there identity is. Everyone follows them like a group of sheep’s.

 The public has a traditional mindset and that is the one who is famous is always powerful and we all have tendency to lick the ass of the powerful. We never do it as a choice but as a need to gain something from the powerful.

Well media is the only way by which you can become powerful and interesting. From dirty sex scandals to outrageous controversial tapes, everything is available and ready for sale.

We watch the breaking news and aim to become the breaking news. Well humans are no more humans; we all are commodities waiting for the right purchaser. Who knows about the authenticity of the famous chap, who cares about the respect and virginity of the leading actress, who wants to feel bad for the negative controversy holder, we all enjoy drama and we all have one god and that is media as its all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.

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