Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is freedom of expression in danger?

Is freedom of expression in danger?

As we all are blessed with the right to speak and write we are also controlled by law and order. As we all express joy as well as anger on different issues, we also act out of control sometimes. As a human being we have feelings and we get affected by different decisions of our government and political leaders. From inflation to strict policies everything affects the common man in a dramatic way. Well it’s a known fact that rich can never be affected by the policies but what about the common man whose majority is very high and still their future is uncertain.

We all have some self respect and self esteem , we all consider our self important and necessary as we all have our own identity but considering the bigger view ,

 Are we really considered important by our masters?

 Do we really exist in the eyes of our political leaders? Is there any value of our existence among our political leaders?

Well the ministers are busy in making money without considering the problems and circumstances of common public. In every phase people complain and their complaints are countless. The political parties and the ministers are so used to these complaints that today every voice seems invisible and if some voices take courage in becoming loud and clear, they face punishment and undesirable circumstances.

But the billion dollar question is what should the common man do?

Where should the common man go?

How should the common man react?

The government and the political leaders have to consider a fact and that is common man is a human and not a machine.

Talking about social media , its is the only platform left where thousands of people express and share their interest , every one do not carry the guts of revolting on streets and no body wants to create an unhealthy environment. The social media and Internet prevents unethical physical activities as people spit out their anger and frustration on Internet. They share each other views and describe their heart breaking stories. But in many cases the victims are attacked by the culprits in the excuse of defaming. This means that in near future the victim is bound to face attack by the culprit and is also bound to keep quiet. I am afraid about the day when the victims would be stabbed and killed by the criminals and still no one will complain or express anger as the criminal may file a case of defaming.

When no one is listing, what should common man do? The common man cannot act deaf, main and blind.

Controlling the freedom of expression by punishing people is seriously a danger to the freedom which will not be healthy in future. When there would be no way out, people will carry their frustration and anger inside them and who knows when that volcano of anger will burst?

On the other hand the media has all the right to show anything about anyone and no body has guts to question them. So it means that victims had to leave their current professions and join the news channels for help and justice? 

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