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Dealing with bedroom politics

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Every husband wants to be pampered by his wife when he comes home. He is tired and he needs relaxation and the only way to relax him is through food and sex. New couples often enjoy a lot and take care of each other interests in bed as well as in house and this creates a perfect chemistry in the new honeymoon days.

But as soon as things become common the interests and chemistry fades like a never existing story. Well charisma and charm is equally required in every marriage. The couples should not feel annoyed and bored with each other otherwise it will give rise to bedroom politics. Things become complicated when sex becomes boring and couples look out for excuses to delay or ignore the intimate moments and foreplay.

 To make any relationship work foreplay is a compulsory thing to do as it is the best way to express love and affection. The woman if feels annoyed from her husband, she will defiantly play the best bedroom politics know one can imagine. She will give the common excuse of being tired or will delay the sex by presenting the strong fact of menstrual cycle. Well doing sex in periods is seriously not a good thing for men and they should avoid it but when woman often use this fact as excuse then things become pretty funny and disturbing as woman are unpredictable and mysterious.

Most of the woman express their anger related to household at night when the husband is expecting love and romance. She will give sarcastic comments and will show disinterest to the charming hubby. He will try to avoid the situation and the reasons of anger by avoiding the whole issue of wife’s frustration and complain but woman are smarter then men. She knows that he needs more and she has the perfect gift of targeting the weak spot of men. Most of the woman attract their husbands in bed by their colorful lingerie and nicely combed hair with tough and cold looks, she will defiantly make him obey every need and want at the crucial moment of lovemaking.

Men often forget the last night promises as promises are made in hurry to enjoy the climax of intercourse. Woman are keen observers and they carry the word of promises conducted by their husbands. She might enjoy and react on the promise made by his husband last night and may use it as much as she can to make her every wish come true.

But don’t you think this bedroom politics is more like black mailing?

Well thousands of men are blackmailed romantically and sensually every night by their wife’s and they easily get themselves blackmailed as there is no choice left except accepting their every requirement.

Men often get annoyed and disturbed when woman use the bedroom politics frequently. They are not fool and they understand where their wife is at fault.

 The most important twist comes when men avoid their wife’s at night by pretending to be tired and stressed. Woman can never ignore sex for long especially when they love their husband. For them intimacy and lovemaking is crucial as it gives a sense of security and support.

 Men can live happier without sex for sometime as they have busy office and work schedules which divert their mind to work and other tensions but woman who stays at home wait for their husband whole day like a child and expects tons of love at night.

 Woman who are frequent gamer and who had succeeded in bedroom politics are often facing the tragic procedure of divorce as not every men is smart and self disciplined. Most of the men loose patience and find their wife’s sexless attitude as betrayal which creates a feeling of doubt and suspect as possessiveness is the ruler of men.

Well no matter how many complications your marriage is suffering with,  you should never hamper your sex life intentionally. Even if there are some misunderstandings and different thinking, you must not destroy and affect your sexual intimacy as sex plays a vital role in developing any relationship. Sex has the power to change the behavior of zodiacs in favor as every need and wants looks small in front of sex desires.

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